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Kansas Weekly call

 Kansas AmericaAgain! members and guests....All are welcome to attend. Courtesy is the word for the day. Mind your P's&Q's folks. Tuesd…

Started by Johnny B Mikel

0 Jan 27

From the Desk of David Zuniga

We got Trump into the White House…now it’s time for our coast-to-coast network of patriots to get into ACTION! Go to the AmericaAgain! FAQ…

Started by Keith Broaders

0 Jan 26

Letter from David Zuniga to President Trump

Congratulations, President Trump!!  How you become literally the greatest president in history:  Feb-May: You use your Twitter account to s…

Started by Keith Broaders

2 Jan 22
Reply by Don Wait

AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine

In his book Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government, author Tom DiLorenzo exposes a century of Congress’ crimes including c…

Started by Keith Broaders

0 Jan 20

From the Desk of David Zuniga

I am drafting an AmericaAgain! blog article entitled Pomp and Circumstance, after the orchestral march by Sir Edward Elgar that is so often…

Started by Keith Broaders

0 Jan 20

Listen to the AmericaAgain! Confence Call

Click on the image to listen to the interview with David Zuniga and Keith Broaders   The men at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 vote…

Started by Keith Broaders

0 Jan 17

What gov't

 The USG’s illegal, unConstitutional creation and use of Terrorism is now becoming fully exposed thanks to some very timely, crafty and wi…

Started by Peter John

0 Oct 14, 2015

Garbage in Garbage Out

When you fill a garbage can with trash, you can't expect to find treasure at the bottom. Our Creator provided us with bodies which had mira…

Started by Keith Broaders

1 Feb 7, 2015
Reply by Alan Lopez


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