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Gerrymandering allow the dominant political party to pick the voters rather than allowing the voters to pick their representatives. Gerry…

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Thirty Thousand

Click on the banner to learn about the problem and the solution Q1: Aren’t the districts’ populations supposed to grow along      …

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Congressional Apportionment in the States

Apportionment in The House Wyoming has a population of 563,000 and has only ONE Congressional Representative. Montana's population is 989,0…

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One Person One Vote - Baker V. Carr

In a pure democracy the principle of one person one vote is required, but in the form of government created by our founding fathers the pr…

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0 Oct 25, 2019

Unequal Representation in Montana

In the 1860 Census counted a total of 31,443,321 people, of which 3,953,760 three fifths or 1,581,504 were counted for the purpose of appor…

Started by Online Professor

0 Oct 7, 2019

Our First Right - Representation

When the people are under represented tyrants takeover. When the power is concentrated in the hands of a few, the many suffer. Histori…

Started by Online Professor

0 Oct 6, 2019

Apportionment Thirty Thousand.Org Videos #1 - Introduction to Apportionment.US #2 - Summary of the Apportionment Lawsuit (Part 1) #3 -…

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0 Oct 5, 2019

Congress Has Been Conned by Crooked Lawyers

Representation in the House of Representation is unequal and unconstitutional. The clear intent of the founding fathers was to have one Con…

Started by Online Professor

0 Oct 5, 2019

Deliberate Deception

Article 1 Section 2 Clause 3 the number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every 30,000 persons; each State shall have at least on…

Started by Online Professor

0 Oct 5, 2019

Representation in a Crooked House

Conned by the Constitution The men who met in Philadelphia to approve the Constitution actually represented the rich and well-educated elit…

Started by Online Professor

3 Oct 4, 2019
Reply by Online Professor

Representatives or Rulers?

An elected representative is supposed to be a servant of the people and their job is to preserve, protect and defend the lives, liberty and…

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0 Oct 3, 2019

Principles of the Constitution - Apportionment

Proportional Representation Related Links Congressional Apportionment Historical Highlight August 08, 1911The 1911 House reapportionme…

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0 Oct 2, 2019

The Virginia Plan

The greatest debate at the Constitutional Convention was over representation in the  senate.  The Virginia Plan would allocated representat…

Started by Online Professor

0 Sep 28, 2019


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