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PA - Convention of States Action Plan PA COS Team – As many of you know, starting about two years ago the national COS organization began…

Started by Morton

0 Jul 23

The Great Fraud!

Here's an idea for you. Let's make a questionnaire designed to trap people in their own ignorance. For instance maybe one about recycling,…

Started by Morton

0 Jul 22

Global Deception

Climate Change: The Biggest Deception In History Note: This article has been edited for form and grammar/sentence structure with added link…

Started by Morton

1 Jul 20
Reply by valerie anne eggers

A New Declaration of Independence

The Fifth of July by James Clinton Belcher Two hundred and forty-one years ago, if the history books are to be believed about anything, the…

Started by Morton

12 Jul 11
Reply by Adrian Angeldonis

How Many Constitutions Are There?

Two Constitutions in the United States. 1st was illegally suspended in favor of a “Vatican ‘Crown’ corporation” in 1871 Posted on May 1, 20…

Started by Morton

27 Jul 5
Reply by Adrian Angeldonis

Better Than We Knew?

Freedom in America Tyranny Light Watching a show on TV about immigration. I couldn't help but notice that while these people were explainin…

Started by Morton

5 Jul 4
Reply by Morton

One Thing at a Time

Recycling Your Trash This notice is being sent out as a courtesy to you to help you come into focus on your refuse handling and as a guide…

Started by Morton

1 Jul 4
Reply by Mike

Federal Overreach

Respectfully Submitted By Jeanine Kincheloe I wrote my own version of "Healthcare", according to the Law of Nature and Nature's God and to…

Started by Morton

1 Jul 1
Reply by Charles Wayne Cox

When Enougn is Enough!

When Enough IS Enough! When does governing cross the line into tyranny? When does acting in the name of the people cross the line into ste…

Started by Keith Broaders

1 Jun 30
Reply by Mike

The Fourth Branch - Solution

The Fourth Branch This is THE new movement for a new time. It will be centered around The responsibility of the People to be a watchdog ove…

Started by Morton

69 Jun 19
Reply by Jeanine Kincheloe


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