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Government Run Amok

The Government IS The Enemy The reason the U.S. government is our enemy is because the U.S. government deemed all U.S. citizens as enemy c…

Started by Morton

1 Jun 17
Reply by Gary Smart

Letters from Beyond -Trusader

The Global plan Wow just wow. I knew part of the story but not all of it.  I talk to "Globalists"; Their family is one of the investment f…

Started by Morton

1 Jun 5
Reply by Trusader

Forms - Affidavits and Notices

That's easy enough. An electronic publication called "The Great IRS Hoax" is available by clicking HERE. This is the actual address to the…

Started by Morton

2 Jun 3
Reply by Duane Eugene Kirkland

How To Destroy The American Dream

 A Frightening Analysis We all know Dick Lamm as the former Governor of Colorado. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant.…

Started by Morton

0 Jun 1

The 71st Amendment Proposal

This amendment is simple. It would totally change the way the President is elected. I propose we make it One County, One Vote; no matter ho…

Started by Morton

41 May 31
Reply by Morton

The Fourth Branch - COA

Course of Action Convention of States Please take note, that although the goals of COS are laudable, the question remains. What makes you t…

Started by Morton

14 May 30
Reply by Trusader

Worse Than You Think - Part II

State of The State This one is on me. I know this is only loosely related to Part I of WTYT, but the title is appropriate. I believe we are…

Started by Morton

5 May 23
Reply by Morton

All About Trust

Who Do You Trust? Do you trust that your federal government has your best interests in mind? Do you trust the federal government to spend…

Started by Morton

3 May 22
Reply by Hon. Donny Brock

Worse Than You Think

The District of Criminals Corruption on Capitol Hill is “worse than you think,” Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo.,insists. “When you first get here,…

Started by Morton

11 May 22
Reply by Trusader

Morton's Forum

Mission Statement - Samples Worse Than You Think Article V Convention ISLAM BANNED IN AMERICA!!!!! Do the States Have…

Started by Keith Broaders

0 May 8


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