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This is the answer to Who is John Galt? Does that mean that we should all join him? You tell me. Watch this Video!

Started by Morton IX

4 Oct 2, 2016

Pope Francis - Apostolic Letter


Started by Morton IX

7 Sep 12, 2016
Reply by Morton IX

If Indicted, Can Hillary Prevail?

I did some exploratory digging to get a somewhat cogent answer to that question, and , in brief, here is what I found so far: First, whil…

Started by Jim Delaney

3 Jul 6, 2016
Reply by Mike

A Country in Big Trouble!

Who is the REAL Hillary Clinton? Is THIS the woman who would be the first female President? Is THIS the woman who threatened Juanita Broadd…

Started by Morton IX

41 Jul 3, 2016
Reply by Peter John

Sharia Law - Islam in America

Why is Islam in America? And why does it seem like the Obummers are in on it? You know, I have often wondered myself about them. Like, why…

Started by Morton IX

16 May 31, 2016
Reply by Ajay Singh

RICO - The Insurance Game

RICO Statutes at Large! Imagine a racket where you have a product and you get to go to the government and have them make a law that says ev…

Started by Morton IX

8 May 22, 2016

The New World Order - Public Take Notice

These are the people we need to find and arrest for treason and other nefarious crimes against the People. Watch This!

Started by Morton IX

22 May 17, 2016
Reply by Ajay Singh

Who's The Boss? - The First One!

Who was The First President of The United States? Think You Know? Click Here! Now why didn't anyone know the right answer?

Started by Morton IX

9 Apr 26, 2016
Reply by Morton IX

Coin This!

I just want everyone to have a chance to say they saw it here first and then added their own to the whole. So what am I talking about? Word…

Started by Morton IX

5 Apr 14, 2016
Reply by Peter John

Thomas Jefferson's War

Thomas and The Barbary Pirates When Thomas Jefferson saw there was no negotiating with Muslims, he formed what is now the Marines (sea goin…

Started by Morton IX

17 Apr 3, 2016
Reply by Quisno Rodonovich


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