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Taxes and The IRS (112)

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Taxation is Theft

Article I of the Constitution for the united States mandates that representation and taxation are to be apportioned among the states accor…

Started by Keith Broaders

0 Jan 28, 2017

Wayne Alan Root

Started by Keith Broaders

0 Dec 19, 2016

Incomes Taxes are Illegal, Immoral and Unjust

Started by Keith Broaders

0 Dec 15, 2016

Taxes - Cost to Cost Ratio

Taxes and How they Affect your Life Many of us know that taxes are a burden. That's the very definition of tax; To burden. To slow the for…

Started by Morton IX

5 Jul 8, 2016
Reply by Mike

The IRS and the Income Tax

Started by Keith Broaders

2 May 9, 2016
Reply by Mike Cogan


CONSTITUTIONALLY APPORTIONED TAXATION The people have rights granted to them by their Creator. Corporations, on the other hand have privil…

Started by Keith Broaders

7 Apr 3, 2016
Reply by Thomas Scott Williford

Letters from the Editor - The Social Security Act of 1935

My response to an email from one of our members who reminded me of the debacle that is The Social Security Administration and their evil ac…

Started by Morton IX

7 Dec 30, 2015
Reply by Morton IX

Taxation and Jurisdiction

According to the Constitution each state should be taxed according to their population. A state with 10% of the total population of the cou…

Started by Keith Broaders

19 Oct 5, 2015
Reply by Bill May

Direct Unapportioned Taxes are Unconstitutional

Section 2. "Representatives and direct taxation shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, count…

Started by Keith Broaders

16 Oct 1, 2015
Reply by Keith Broaders

IRS in Default - Show Me The Law

Well now it CANNOT be denied. Our government is in Default. You must see this. Watch This Video - The Whole Thing

Started by Morton IX

16 Sep 28, 2015
Reply by Mike


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