Taxes and The IRS (112)

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Annual United States Income Tax Decisions

. Simple Flow Chart to Determine if you owe Income Tax

Started by Lori

0 Feb 7, 2015

Corruption at Highest Levels

IRS Targeting Now as we head too fast toward an inevitable future, we are still having to deal with the likes of Lois Lerner and we still h…

Started by Morton IX

4 Dec 28, 2014
Reply by Morton IX

General Welfare Clause - Free Goodies

The Constitution provides for General Welfare, but not Specific Welfare. General Welfare benefits everyone while Specific Welfare benefits…

Started by Online Professor

17 Dec 20, 2014
Reply by kathye t

It's Time to Bail Out the Tax Payers

Instead of bailing out the politicians and the Wall Street Bankers, the time has come to return the dollars stolen by our government to the…

Started by Online Professor

2 Dec 16, 2014
Reply by Michael D. Small

Let Go On Strike

122 million people paid the IRS last year. A tax on the fruits of one's labor is unconstitutional. The product of one's labor is considered…

Started by Online Professor

0 Dec 16, 2014

Taxation is Nothing More than Legalized Plunder

If Walmart sent you a bill for products you didn't order, would you pay the bill? If the government threatened to put you in jail if you re…

Started by Online Professor

0 Dec 16, 2014

Abolish the IRS and the Income Tax

When the Federal Income Tax is abolished the average tax payer will see his or her annual cash flow increase by up to 40% or more, By getti…

Started by Online Professor

0 Dec 16, 2014

Free Stuff Isn't Free

Having trouble just making ends meet because of taxes that go to people who don’t work? Check your State and see how much you would make wh…

Started by Online Professor

5 Dec 8, 2014
Reply by Online Professor

The Marauding Band of Vikings

If a band of Vikings went to your bank and stole thousands of dollars from your account, would you be upset? If the Vikings got permission…

Started by Online Professor

0 Nov 30, 2014

Stolen Property

Charity is an act of love and kindness. It is a blessing to both the recipient as well as the donor. When the government gives one man bene…

Started by Online Professor

0 Nov 30, 2014


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