The 13th only prohibited slavery in federal areas as the fed constitution is specific to the United States / fed gov.  The emancipation proclamation was merely an executive order that applied to slaves taken as war prizes during the civil war. 

To actually abolish slavery, each state constitution had to prohibit it.

Citizens via the 14th amendment are pretty much on par with subjects in other countries since the gov is granted the power to impose any law or rule it can prove is 'needful' and not merely oppressive.

With the gov's official policy of imposing 14th status on state-born whites, which took an act of war and which is absolutely supported by all trial court judges, we all now hold the status of mere subject.

We are not allowed to actually 'own' anything. We know this because of property taxes and all sorts of rules and regulations controlling the purchase and use of everything.  No interest in any 'thing' can be bought, sold, rented, traded or used except in accordance with codes, laws, regulations and rules.

This is the hallmark of socialism but when the courts have an official policy of even ignoring the written rules of due process if necessary to ensure a gov win, that is the mark of communism.

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