40 Million People Being Represented by 80 Assemblymen

The founders of our nation believed that the foundation of our republic could only be preserved If the people were properly represented. If 1854 California had a population of 202,556 and established Legislative Assembly with 80 representatives to serve all of the people. The ration was one representative for every 2,532 people.

Today we still have 80 Assembly Districts representing over 20 million people. The average Assembly District represents nearly 500,000 people. With larger districts it costs a humongous amount of money to get elected. This favors the rich candidates and disenfranchises the vast majority of the people. With small Districts the people will be better represented.

When legislative districts are small the representative are able to properly represent their constituents. When the districts are as large as they are now it is very expensive to run for office. Large districts makes it virtually impossible for the vast majority of Californians to run for office.

California legislators in 1854 represented approximately 2,500 people, today our Assemblymen and women are representing nearly 500,000. In the other states the legislators represent an average of around 60,000 people.

New Hampshire has a population of 1.3 million and his 400 representatives and California has twenty times as many people, but has 320 less representatives.

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