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Bit coins are not coins and they are not dollars.  They are just a number in a computer.that a very dishonest person sold for bank credit that is also just a number in a checking account that people believe is legal tender but that are not.

Hi Anthony, I wanted to reply to a couple of your references to perhaps help you realize the other world that exists all around us.  There are a couple of forces here that are battling one another and you must earnestly seek the truth.

1.  In regards to the Newsweek article, be careful about the information you receive from the mainstream media.  Most often, they will paint a picture of something much different than what's really true.  Trump emphatically opposes trusting the mainstream media.  He isn't JUST referring to CNN and MSNBC

2.  The Federal Reserve Act (of 1913) was basically an agreement between the US Government and the bankers for a specific private bank to control our nation's currency. Later, in 1933, FDR issued Executive Order 6102 and Americans took their real money, gold, to Federal Reserve banks and exchanged their gold for paper currency.  The key here is gold has been a store of value for thousands of years, however, the bankers "money" is subject to their control and rob Americans of their wealth through inflation and deflation.

3.  I suggest you read the book titled "The Creature from Jekyll Island", authored by G. Edward Griffin.  

4.  Consider, if the US Government were to diversify into other currencies, such as the British pound, the euro, the yen, yuan or bitcoin, don't you think it would be a good idea for you too?

5.  Also, check out another book, titled "Currency Wars" by James Rickards.  This will give you another perspective as to what governments, including the US, will do to preserve and strengthen their currency.

6.  Watch the movie "The Matrix" a few times and watch what happens after Neo takes the red pill!

Best Regards,


Let's not piss off the Money Junkies...ROFL

If you want a honest money and work to have one you can't help but piss of  the banks who own all what we use for money.  They just loan it to use at interest to use. 

Hello Anthony. Lt Uhe here. Glad you found the s community. This is a basic lesson in financial survival. Always diversify you assists and family wealth. Always. Even the founders practiced this principle.

Please know this, the US dollar as you know it is already dead. It's simply to stupid to fall over. But it will. When it does, you're going to be very thankful if you've accumulated some gold and as much silver and bitcoin as you can lay your hands on.



The so called US dollar is not dead and will never be dead until we that the ability to create our money from the banking system. 

The dollar i know is just promise to pay from a bank that they do not have to pay. This will never change until the people quite arguing with each other and band together and demand a change to an honest money system and bit coins not an honest money system it is just a con that has made a few lots of bank credits  

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve the value of the dollar is now worth less than 5 cents. If you want to protect the value of a dolla, I think Bitcoin offers a better medium of exchange that does not benefit the parasitic bankers.


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