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A man who is free can do anything that he wants as long as he does not violate the life, liberty or property of another. He doesn't need a license or permission to exercise his free agency. When a government is created by a group of men, that government derives its power from the consent of the governed.

The men that create a government can not delegate a power to their government that they themselves to not possess. A government that reserves for itself powers that are greater than those possessed by the common man is operating outside of its lawful authority.

The government's proper role is not to protect people, it is to protect their rights so that can protect themselves. In a free society people are required to govern

themselves by taking care of themselves. When an individual becomes dependent of his government, he invariably loses his freedom.

In the guise to taking care of the people, governments assume the responsibilities which rightfully belong to the individual.

Because man by his very nature would prefer to avoid pain he will generally seek the path of least resistance and avoid pain whenever possible. When governments offer security the price you must pay is the loss of your liberty.

A just law promotes liberty, justice and equality by punishing individuals that violate the rights of others.

An unjust law promotes the loss of liberty, justice and equality and sows the seeds of tyranny.

There have always been those in a society who would seek to create unjust laws in order to gain unrighteous dominion over the people.


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read US vs  Olmstead, the govt as the law breaker to how the Right toBE Left Alone has bean DENIED by the Agents of CHANGE, CFR, PNAC, AIPAC, Fed, IRS

WOW!  If this is not the pure, unadulterated truth I do not know what is!  Worse now than when he lived; his perspective should be shared all around this country, read and then each of us start doing something about each of our lives while helping the country as a whole.


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