The 3,100 Counties in America are like an inactive volcano. If a sufficient number of Patriots in each of the Counties began working together we could activate the volcanoes and light a fuse that would restore the rule of law and the Constitutional Republic.

The Constitution Club has created a network of over 3,100 county websites. These website were created to unite the people living in all of the counties across the land in order to teach, motivate and inspire them to take action against the crime syndicate that has taken over.

Even the hungriest lion on the planet can not eat an elephant all by himself, but an army of ants sufficiently large can devour the elephant in a matter of just a few minutes. Individually, we are weak, but if we unite we can become stronger than those that enslave us. Millions of individuals are collectively a lot more powerful than 435 politicians that take their marching orders from the financial elite.

The Constitution Club is not a group in the traditional sense of the word. It is more of a network of individuals that are connected by a belief in the principles upon which our nation was conceived. It is our goal that the network will eventually consist of millions of Americans that share a desire to return to our founding principles.

The goal of the Constitution Club is to become a coalition o hundreds, if not thousand of of different groups with potentially millions of members. By having social networking sites in each county we will be able to communicate with one another and rebuild our nation one county at a time.

. When a sufficient number of individuals unite, we can not lose and if we remain divided we can not win.

It is our goal to teach the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. We do not seek to control people, it is to educate them so that they can they can draw their own conclusions. While our schools teach our children that it is more important to do what you and told than it is to do what is right. Our children are being taught to be obedient and to trust their leaders. This is a formula that will ultimately lead to our enslavement.

Benjamin Franklin once said that "It is the responsibility of a good citizen to question authority." Morality is doing what is right, while obedience is to do what you are told. Our goal is to provide the resources that will allow the people to educate themselves and draw their own conclusion. We are merely a network of individuals that share a love for our country and the principles upon which our nation was founded. It is our goal to provide the people with an opportunity to educate themselves and draw their own conclusion. We do not seek to control people, we seek only to educate and to unite the Patriot Community is restoring our Constitutional Republic.

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Then select your county from the menu of counties on your state page and join it as well. If you have questions or would like to be the website administrator for your county call me at (951) 282-3271

Keith Broaders


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