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How would you feel if you found out that Congress had turned over the control of our monetary system to the Gambino or Bonanno crime families?

In 1913 that is exactly what they did when they created the Federal Reserve and authorized a privately held corporation to issue our money and regulate its value.

The men and women we have elected to serve us have climbed in bed with the enemy and are lining their collective pockets with the fruits of our labor.

The greatest enemies of the American people are not Islamic terrorists, they are the Bankers, Lawyers and Politicians that masquerade as public servants.

The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air and then charges the taxpayers interest on every dollar they create. 

As long as we keep re-electing criminals we are going to continue down the path to our own destruction. If we all refused to vote for incumbents, perhaps our elected officials would vote their conscience instead of taking their marching orders from the international bankers.

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THIS IS MY INTERPRETATION, WHAT WENT ON WITH FEDERAL RESERVE: NOTE: What was done (criminal in nature and character) was, a private group high-jacked "the money of account" of the United
States for the United States of America, and substituted their private "money of exchange" (Federal Reserve Notes), then they convinced the people to use those notes in place of "lawful money" (that should be in compliance with the Constitution, Article I, Section 10). Then they, gradually and eventually, violated the basic agreement Congress had made with the Federal Reserve Board, that of the "Redemption Clause" (Title 12, Section 411),
that was the only mechanism and method of maintaining Congressional power and over sight over the money system, and opportunity to perform one of Congress' basic power and duty (Article I, Section 8, Clause 5), under the Constitution, to regulate the value of Money, and comply with existing law [Title 12, Section 411 and
Title 31, Section 5112(a) through (e)].


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