On Friday, December 16th I will celebrate my 70th birthday and I believe that it will be my last. I have suffered problems associated with diabetes. I have experienced problems with my bladder, kidneys, prostate and have had serious urinary tract infections. In the past 6 months I have lost 50 pounds.

My vision is beginning to deteriorate and I am no longer able to function efficiently as a human being. I have no way of knowing when my earthly journey will come to an end, but I am willing to dedicate the time I have remaining to help educate, motivate and inspire as many people as I can on the principles of liberty and ethical government.

I am also struggling financially as my total  retirement cash flow is less than $1,000 month. With monthly expenses of approximately $1,500, I am indeed in need of support from the members of the website and are willing to share.

Please contact me at keithbroaders@gmail.com or call me a (951) 260-7711

1000 S. Gilbert Street #54     Hemet, CA 92543

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Have you got a paypal or fundme acct.?  I can't get your email and since yahoo was hacked again I need a safer way to send a few bucks.  Thanks for all you've done Keith.

I too have diabetes for 13 years now and hate to think of someone else suffering.

God bless.

My email address is keithbroaders@gmail.com

You can send a donation through Pay Pal by entering my email address. Thank you for your kindness.


Diabetes is super easy to cure.  Its cause is mainly dietary, so is the cure.  I will call you if you are willing to so the work of changing your diet and lifestyle, Keith.

I'll post here so that others afflicted with diabetes can also join the discussion.  I've helped others cure their own advanced diabetes.  It's mainly dietary and we wreck our own health by eating processed, adulterated foods/drinks and lifestyles that promote illness and disease.

The cure is to cut out all processed foods (anything in a bag, jar, can package) and go back to only whole foods in their natural state.  Cut out ALL sugars (even fruit initially until the pancreas is healed).  This includes all grains (wheat, rice, pasta, bread, etc...).  In a nutshell, eat only leafy vegetables (not carrots/potatoes), meats, eggs, fish....organic and free range if possible.  Make vegies 80% of your meals.  Use coconut oil liberally.  Real butter is OK.  If organic, eat fatty meats and fish (yes, animal fats are GOOD for the body because it's stable and does not turn rancid easily like vegetable oils; and cells NEED good cholesterol for hormone equilibrium!

Dump your pills and potions.  Use no chemicals, even topically.  Coconut oil is great for moisturizers, deodorant, etc....Get outside and get fresh air and at least an hour or 2 of daily sunshine directly on as much exposed skin as possible.  Depending on your location, becareful not to burn...i.e. in Hawaii, the sun is very intense and direct.  NO toxic sunscreen...use coconut oil if you wish.  Take daily walks and move your body daily.  Get a small trampoline and rebound to get your lymphatics moving to remove waste.  Drink only filtered water and herbal teas.  Get rid of as much needless and damaging EMF sources from your home as possible (TV's, microwave, hairdryer, etc...)  Remove smart meters if you have them in your home.

Be happy, think positive thoughts and be of service to others.

Thank you for caring and sharing.

So sorry to learn of your health problems, Sir. Thank you for all you've done to resist tyranny in our day. I'll be sending a small token of appreciation in a few days when I'm paid for some recent work.

Hi Keith.  I posted on our website as well.  I hope you don't mind.  www.beacon37.com  It's fairly new website and probably won't get many hits yet.  Your a good man Keith.  Never before have I known you to ask for personal assistance and know it must be absolutely necessary.  I will send what i can.  



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