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Once upon a time there was a land populated by a large number sheep that decided to create a government where their lives and liberty would be secure.

The sheep wanted to prevent wolves that lived in the land from having them from dinner. The wolves infiltrated the sheep's Constitutional Convention and conned the delegates  into creating a democracy where the sheep would be represented by by wolves.

The wolves were able to accomplish their hidden agenda by  controlling what the sheep believe. The wolves were able to control the schools and the mass media in order to convince the sheep that only the wolves could secure the lives and liberty of the sheep

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The sheep are not stupid, they conned by the wolves to accept things that lead to their captivity. The people are like the sheep and have been tricked into believing that the government serves the best interest of the people.

The old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is true for the majority of politicians. The American people need to wake up, we are not sheep.

You are not a sheep, but unfortunately most of the American people are.

People have been conditioned to think of themselves as the government’s serfs rather than as sovereigns over their government servants....


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