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Since writing my article A Plan of Action in January of 2014, the tyranny of the oligarchs controlling America has become increasingly and openly hostile to American principles and the Natural Rights of the American People. The oligarchs seem to have no more need for masking either their contempt for individual liberty or their intentions for its destruction. The plan I proposed to the People in 2014 utilized elements that included the Grand Jury under common law as well as constitutional Sheriffs, as important components for identifying and removing agents of the oligarchy in our local government; my thinking along those lines has changed dramatically since.

In late February of 2015, I came across a research report I had read initially in the late 90's; a report I couldn't bring myself to accept at that time, since it seemed to contradict my oath to support and defend the Constitution that I had taken in '92. I just wasn't ready in my heart and spirit to accept what the report revealed… that the Constitution hasn't been in force and effect since March 27, 1861, when 7 of the 34 states in the Union at that time walked off the floor of Congress and seceded from the Union. It wasn't a lack of quorum that destroyed the Union but the refusal of the Northern States to address the legitimate issues of the South, namely to stop forcing them to pay a disproportional share of the expenses of the Federal Government through the confiscatory tariffs imposed on their imports from Europe in exchange for their tobacco and cotton exports.

The intransigence of the northern mercantile states caused the separation of the southern agrarian ones by violating the Natural Rights of those states to defend their economies from the attacks of the majority votes in the North. Under the Union, the South simply could not muster the votes in Congress to represent their interests against the greedy bastards in the North; I believe this violation of Natural Law, along with the willingness of the North to force the South to remain in spite of their tyranny, invalidated the Constitution that formed the Union.

All of this history is to illustrate the fact that we've not been under the Constitution for over 154 years as of the date of this writing. All of the discussion of constitutional law is meaningless in our fight to return to liberty and the oligarchs know it… they dispensed with that troublesome document generations ago; we've been living under an illusion they needed to maintain while they subtly and slowly transformed us into a corporate fiction under their rules. Returning to liberty will not require enforcing a Constitution that is lost in history but returning to the foundation that was established with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Only then can we proceed forward in freedom and either correct the defects that allowed the Constitution to be subverted and destroyed or institute a different form that will better secure our Natural Rights.

Returning to the foundation America was formed on is much easier than trying to re-establish government under the Constitution. There was no President, Congress, and Supreme Court to deal with or the regulations that defined them and delegated them power… only the States themselves. Because of the actions of our government under King George III, the first and second Continental Congresses were formed to bring representatives from the state legislatures together to better deal with the issues of the crown and try to resolve our differences; but for the most part, Americans had become accustomed to managing their own affairs and governing themselves. Parliament and the Crown were distant and unable to deal with the day to day issues of the colonies. We had governors beholden to the Crown and tax collectors, but most of the real governance was done by fellow Americans through our own colonial governments; Americans naturally assumed a posture of independence long before the Declaration of Independence was ever proposed.

The Plan

The plan is quite simple and based on just two sentences in the Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.— That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,"

Consistent with the necessary 1st law of nature, the right of self-defense, the first step of the community is to form Natural Law Militias from among the armed People of the community for defending the Natural Rights of the People within the community against any threat posed against them.

The Militia should elect officers from among their ranks, and no active government official in any office is eligible to serve in the Militia.

The Militia must provide their own arms and implements of war and be proficient in their use. The community at large should provide logistical support for the Militia during times of conflict, such as ammunition, medical supplies and services, as well as other needs of the Militia that may arise in defense of their Natural Rights.

Since the Militia consists of members of the community they're defending, it only makes sense to support them in their lawful duty.

Once the Militia has been formed and discipline established, the People within it should exercise their Natural Right of self-defense as follows:

Beginning at the most local level, determine who in government office is securing your Natural Rights or attacking them. Once that has been determined, the following must be done depending on the status of the officer.

  • Only offices that are necessary to assist the People in the community to secure their Natural Rights from harm by others should be formed and supported.
  • If an office exists that serves to attack the Natural Rights of the People for the benefit of others by plundering or otherwise oppressing the People, abolish it simply by removing all the officers within it and not replacing them.
  • If an office exists, that serves to secure the Natural Rights of the People, support it and the officers within it.
  • If an officer is securing the Natural Rights of the People by their official actions, support them.
  • If an officer is attacking the Natural Rights of the People by their official actions, remove them by any means necessary and replace them with someone who secures them.

This completes the new plan of action to restore America to its original foundation of the Laws of Nature and Nature's God.

©2016 by Thomas Mick, All Rights Reserved.
Permission to distribute for non-commercial purposes is hereby granted, in whole or part, provided attribution and a link to this article is included. Commercial distribution without the written permission of the author is prohibited.

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Thomas Mick's ; Other word's,our Constitution doesn't exist anymore, since 1861, now it's the Constitution , which, is a corporation , is , that, what , you are implying ? That we must, go back to The Declaration of Independence ? As a reference point and , than redo the Constitution and reform , some , of the Article's , so , that, it better fits the time's , that we are living in , so, it becomes our Constitution again , structured around the Militia, which, is a non-Government organization , that protects the community ? The community will choose leader's , that do not infringe, on our Natural right's and, if any leader try's to do otherwise, they must , be removed at any mean's necessary ? My question , is how are we going to create , this kind , of governance , when half, of the population , is dumb-down and have know idea, what, this discussion , is really all about ? What do we do, with the clueless one's among us , if we want to get , this done ?

Just because people in government and other people do not honor the Constitution does not invalidate the Constitution. just the same as if someone murdered someone else that does not invalidate the law.

I get so tired and sick of you nut cases always screaming Constitution is no longer valid and we now have a Corporation running the government. What we have is a lot of people who have never read the Constitution and we who have don't talk about it and explain what it is and that has to be honored.  we need to do everything in our power to get people to understand that and don't support any government official or news source is not teach that.

 Byron, the statement made was that we've not been under the constitution for over 154 years , not that it is not valid , as you misstated . 

The rest of the narrative includes the ever encroaching corporatocracy supplanting common law with commercial law ever since the displacement of common law  governments with corporate municipalities serving as (private for profit) quasi government services providers .

The narrative that suggests we the people have been disinformed , misinformed , and deceived by foreign and corrupted interests , and that we the people have been irresponsible in our civic duty to learn,know,and uphold our constitutions is also quite relevant  .

The narrative here suggests not going through the channels controlled by the corporate members in offices of municipalities throughout the land but to supplant them or filter them out with right thinking people who understand common law and the natural law whence it was derived from, along with educating the people of same.


Bruce   , if the writer. I replied to did not mean invalid he should not have used the word invalidated.  the only way we will fix this problem is for the creation of money be taken out on the hands of the bankers for personal profit to themselves and placed the hands of people for the benefit of the people. The very thing that most people will not even think about or discuss.

You mean end the Fed? If so, I wholeheartedly agree!

I mean the power to create money, when they make a loan should be taken away from all banks.  The Constitution at section 8, clause 5 clearly states that Congress shall have power to coin money, regulate the value thereof.... the word coin here is of verb, an action word.  It does not state how that should be done.

However, the preamble of the Constitution clearly states: We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare,  and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, to obtain and establish this Constitution United States of America.

Therefore, the creation of money should be done in a way that benefits everyone equally. Not for the personal profit of any person, any business or anything else.  Today the banking system creates all the money in the world for bankers personal profit. When the banks create this money they only loan it.  Therefore they maintain ownership of all the money in the world. Think about how much power that gives them. 

The power to loan us back our own money at interest is the real issue Byron,

We do create the money. Then we give it to the Fed for the cost of the paper and ink, (if there is actually any). Then they loan it back to us at compounded interest rates and rape the American people.

Privatized Central Banking is the enemy, usury is their weapon of choice, and domination and power is their goal. We do not have to keep putting our money in there, do we?

  1. We do not create any money!!!!!  We do create wealth but the banking system and the the courts will not allow us to use it for money.  I tried to do use my real wealth for money, the Courts ruled that i could not do it. Then the governor of South Dakota sent 42 highway patrol out to kill me.  The bank do not loan our money back to us.  They add numbers to our checking accounts when we sign our real wealth over to them.  

Perhaps I should have said coin, Byron, but,

The point was that the federal government coins the money, then allows it to be LOANED by a private consortium of banks, into circulation, (as you well know). Instead they should be keeping it and SPENDING it into circulation. 

And my final point was that we really are not being forced to accept "deposit" contracts with these banks. 

Take your money out of ANY bank that will not contract to protect it for you. If this means you will have trouble because you have so much wealth in coin that this becomes untenable, then buy a vault; open your own bank, etc.

Just start by taking ALL of your assets OUT of the federal reserve banks' possession.

Morton I don't know where he get such nonsense information.  yes, the Bureau of engraving does coin money. However to get those coins you have to buy it with bank created money.  Bank do not loan coins. The amount of coins in the system and relationship to the amount of, what we call, money is very small.

The Bureau of printing engraving does print currency however after it is printed. They sell to the banks for the cost of printing. Banks do not loan depositors money. They create new money every time they make any kind of a loan. They do this by simply adding numbers to the borrowers checking account.

That's what the Department of the Treasury says. That's what the library Congress says. that's what the banks say.  why do you say that's not true.

Now think about it. Most people live from paycheck to paycheck.  If the bank actually loaned your money they would have to take it on your bank account and it would not be there for you to spend. 

In our physical world nothing can be in two places at the back same time.

I have spent 35 years researching and studying and thinking about how this money system really works. I have been in and talked to people in the board of governors, in Washington DC.  I've talked to lots bankers and economist.

Why do you not think I know anything about tthe subject?

Agreed , we must repudiate any and all obligation for the "odious" debt and any and all "odious" laws enforcing same , as they are criminal and in violation of our constitution .

Bruce Anacker would you be kind enough to email me at  I would like to get to know him better.



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