A Patriots Call To Action!

Editor's note: Following is a good example of the caliber of our membership. This a contribution from our very own Jim Delaney member in good standing since Feb./'13. That means he's been here longer than me. Check this out!

A Patriot’s Call to Action will enable busy Americans to more easily square today’s unending political palaver and double-talk with our Constitution’s original intent. In bite-sized form, this eminently readable book clearly summarizes some key constitutional concepts, like;

  • the Supremacy Clause,
  • the Welfare Clause,
  • Nullification,
  • Executive Orders,
  • Impeachment,
  • Secession, etc.,

which will enable the reader to distinguish between politically correct, agenda-driven interpretations of the Constitution and what our Founders actually intended.

Given the complacency gripping the country and the political ruling class’s brazen circumvention of foundational, Constitutional restraints, the author fearlessly and unambiguously reminds us of our God-given rights, authority and responsibilities as citizens of a republic and outlines a common sense action plan for restoring constitutional order. The author posits that too many Americans are conditioned to the “benefits” of collectivism and the seductive, yet empty, promises of a suffocatingly expansive central government.

Uninformed and seduced by the razzle-dazzle of self-serving political elites, many Americans have carelessly permitted our government to lead us [down] the path [of] economic ruin and political oppression - developments which would have dumbfounded and enraged our Founding Fathers.

The author unflinchingly asserts, that to believe we are a republic today is foolhardy at best; delusional at worst. Absent bold grassroots remedies, the author asserts that our wealth, our way of life, our liberties will surely go the way of the dinosaurs.

If you’re looking for simple-minded validation of your political party affiliation, this book isn’t for you. Some of what the author says will rankle, but it will make you think and hopefully, will encourage you to take action to restore and safeguard those principles and practices which made America, history’s most productive experiment in self-government."

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If your not an American state national , and you are a US citizen ; you are a turkey !

well said. the prognostication is a little mild.

well said

This sounds like us ; here are some suggestion from a veteran lawful American pugilist .:

Consider starting like this…

Form a group…an association.  Group members from across the country if necessary.  Meet via conference facilities. GOTOmeeting
Act as a lawful organization for the public benefit.

Crucify Hillary , I've never seen any one more guilty of dereliction of duty and desertion in my life and Obama and the entire Congress guilty of misprision on top of that . What are we stupid ?

We don't need guns and bloodshed for this . A prosecution in any county will bring a landslide of the cowards we , like fools fear .

Talk to your brothers and sisters , hold your families close ; tell them that universal liers want to and are stealiing everything they have or will ever want now , right now .

It's time to go on the offensive ; prosecute every fraudulent cretin in town ; and don't think the town council's too small .or the governors too big ; look at Charlie Sprinkle ..


How do you propose to do the prosecuting?

I prefer to be in private as in a private membership association. Unencumbered by the public realm of the corporate governance. Unless a mala in se crime has been committed.

How say you on that???


I wasn't anticipating being thrown curve balls here ; I was under the impression we were all straight shooters  ... shows how much I know .  Mort this is not my usual tact , I'M BEING POLITE HERE .   This will not endure .

what does that mean??

thrown curve balls?? how? by asking how you planned to prosecute.? Having done it and not succeeded I want your secret!! Are you a PAG? Do you have a DA or AG that will do it for you?

straight shooter ?? telling the truth is the implication. the de facto is in the public domain. I want to be private. That is in the common law of the founding documents. Public is statutory! are you new? My family, has a BAR granddaughter; international Banker grandson. They are beyond me. I hope others have a family that listens. Mine want me to shut up and keep my head down. One cannot fight city hall. Shut up Gramps they will take it out on us.

phuque polite and politically correct would you. GYHOOYAAT as we said in the Navy get your head out of your a$$ and think. See how nice I am to you?

This will not endure. Identify this! Come on Joseph Cronin Jr. get specific. Are you PINO? Several are, all talk!! Crucify Hillary, no shows. Fraudulent cretins are not the enemy the brilliant ones are the enemy. 

Sorry Ron, I spoke too soon; thanks for the advice.

Almost Joe,

You're on the right track. Forming a PMA is exactly what I am doing. You just described my next venture. So;

Instead, just form a PMA (Private Membership Association) and keep EVERYTHING you do PRIVATE!. NO PUBLIC ANYTHING! NEVER public! Click on the link.

Thanks  never really knew about these but I knew some folks could even contract with THE DC DEVILS and it worked out, usually militar contractors , but never looked in to it  ; thanks again .


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