From Page 59 of Fear The People , by David Zuniga

Chapter Twelve

Taking Back What D.C. Stole

 The Founding Fathers gave us a magnificent Constitution to limit and constrain our servant government, but We The People never enforced it, so it became no law at all – a joke to the D.C. criminals, and a parchment relic to the rest of America.

 We have made the case that Washington D.C., led by Congress, has been egregiously violating our highest law for over 150 years – defrauding us, embezzling from us, eavesdropping on us, inviting alien invasion into our communities, having their IRS thugs terrorize us, forcing us to use their worthless counterfeit paper, empowering banks to charge us fees and tie up our labor and property in trade for the bankers’ keystrokes, and much more.

 Federal judges puff up their chests, defend their bosses in Congress, and We The People scurry away like mice.


Interested in discovering more? Send me a note w/ an email contact and I can send you the PDF of David's book. Better yet, go to , watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page and download directly from the website. I can assure you will learn some things you weren't aware of!

Johnny B

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