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2 Chronicles 7:14 is a contract offer from God:


"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

America is a land in peril. A recent poll determined 73% of Americans believe our nation is headed in the wrong direction, and it’s obvious, the other 23% are simply not paying attention.

America has become a house divided, built on shifting sand. Our Nation is under attack by determined enemies “both foreign and domestic”, and we have only one hope: to accept God’s offer.

But first, we have to understand what that entails.

  1. We must set our personal and selfish interests aside, so we may
  2. Join with others ‘who are called by His name’ and pray
  3. With intimate understanding of the Lord, and repent from our sins.
  4. Notice in these three conditions, there is no instruction to ‘find an excuse not to do this”.

If you call yourself a Christian, you are included. If you want to become a Christian, you are included. If you are not a Christian, but want to save our nation, please join us.


God loves us all, and commits: “Ask, and you shall receive.”

40 Days 4 America is His people’s acceptance of God’s offer.

“But 40 days is a long time!”

Yes it is. But consider this:

America has been occupied by Christians for more than 400 years, making 40 days a mere ‘blink of an eye’. “But to pray every day! That’s going to take a lot of time. ”This is the prayer: “Father in Heaven, I humble myself before you. I want to come to know you better as I repent my failings and shortcomings. I ask you to hear my prayers from Heaven, forgive my sin, and heal my land. In Jesus’ name, Amen,”

15 seconds x 40 days = 10 minutes.

To put into perspective; over our lifetimes, we spend:

  1. 9.1 years watching TV
  2. 2 years watching commercials.
  3. 3 months in traffic, about 38 hours a year.

Can you put 15 seconds of your day to better use?

“But what if I do it, and no one else does?”

This is not about anyone else—it’s about you accepting God’s offer.

“But what if it doesn’t work?”

But what if it does? Besides, do you have a better offer? And has God ever gone back on His


For those who do not wish to participate, any excuse will do. This is not about race, political party, denomination, or gender. It is for all of us who are truly committed to turning America in the right direction, these forty days will ‘fundamentally transform America’, but this time it will be for the Glory of God!

Set your alarm beginning at 9:11 AM, November 10th, and on each of the 39 days following, stop what you’re doing, wherever you may be, and repeat the prayer—verbatim, or in your own words. Stay right where you are or drop to your knees; raise your hand and shout it to the Heavens, or just close your eyes and repeat it in your heart. Allow the moment to interrupt whatever you are doing, or hold it until you are safe and comfortable. Whatever you feel is right.

The only rule is to pray. Nothing else matters.

Editor's Note:

This request has been brought to you courtesy of Experienced Grand Jury Foreman, Freedom Fighter and member in the CC , Terry Trussel.

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This should be our prayer "always."

Pray for the aggressors, that they may find the Lord in they're hearts.

As one of the descendants of the 400 year Christians, and carrying on the faith, I quote Jesus when He said do not pray with vain repetitions as the heathen do. Sometimes, God's answer is no. Never has a nation been more deserving of God's wrath, as ours. Few are condemning the abominations being flagrantly flaunted in our faces daily. No one wants to humble themselves and ask forgiveness for killing our Christian brethren at home or abroad over the last 150 years. But,alas, we still glory in it. Our nation's churches have been apostate for years. If we spend 9.1 years of our lives watching T.V. We spend 4 years of our lives watching commercials. If you work in Los Angeles or Phoenix and worked 35 years, 260 days a year with an average commute time of 1 hour each way; let's figure it out. 35 working years x 260 workdays per year = 9100 days x 2hour round trip =18200 hours divided by 24 hours = 758 days in traffic or over 2 years of ones life. With abiding love from a Christian mathematician and may you be at ground 0 when our apocalypse comes.

What happened to Terry.. .nobody talks about what is going on with that case.

I believe it has or is running its course through "the system", Rosanna. just like yours must do.

That is funny you put it that way. I don't believe my parents would have to "run" thru the system if we had more "narrow gated" people. Godly people would be outraged and STAND UP to stop this to ALL the abused in our country. The cabal would not be able to get away with this. 

I have been seeking any seconds to research the Bible more than I ever have in my life. None of us study it or use it as our LAW Book like we should. I am guilty of that. But that has stopped

As to what I said above the perfect verse to support that is 1 Cor 12:26.I ask about Terry because I care. Thanks Morton.

The reason things must run their course is specifically so we have prime facie evidence of the nature of the enemy we face that we may "present to a candid world the reasons for our separation." Thanks for being a part of it. We all do for our own reasons, always against our local officials at the beginning. Eventually we will take down the big dogs. It won't be long now before we all know it.


Count me in since I say my daily prayers anyway. I can only tell you, it is my experience that many miracles have touched my life, and those lives my life touches.   Like the prayer, too. We really need to get back to our Christian roots and the basics of what is means to be an American Patriot !

ROOTS = 10 Commandments

God's Law and doctrine is ALL good. I need discipline. I am a born sinner and can't remove human nature by myself. Nobody can.

Those who think they can are JUDGING their selves and we know where that leads.1 Cor 11:31

Give me scripture as my only source of authority. Because lets face it we all know THEY are not following their own laws and are as immoral as it comes. I am really trying to catch up on what I should have been memorizing my whole life. Thanks 


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