Lincoln Unmasked

Why are we constantly being told that Abraham Lincoln was the "greatest President ever"? I can tell you that the truth is quite different. In the book Lincoln Unmasked, by Thomas J. DeLorenzo, you will find a bounty of evidence that exposes Lincoln as a usurper, an occupier and a fraudulent "President". He neither cared about eliminating slavery OR following the rule of law. He simply had one goal. Preserve the Union of States or at least what was left of them. He was bent on starting a war with the seceded states and forcing them by threat to "re-join" the Union of States, whether they like it or not. This was an act of war upon a set of sovereign nations, simply exercising their "Constitutional" right to be free. It's actually an inherent NATURAL right of life.

As it was at the time, there were not enough states left IN the Union to create a quorum necessary to a cause. Therefore, the Constitution became null and void, the "United States" ceased to exist and Lincoln was NO LONGER "President" of ANYTHING! Therefore, every act by him to "preserve" anything was completely unsupported by any natural or Constitutional law. He had no right to declare himself "President" or start a war, undeclared and unauthorized by Congress, (if we assume as he did, that he had a Congress). If you still don't believe;

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Everything was/is a lie!


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