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It doesn't matter what form it comes in or which time in history it occurs. Tyranny always wears the same face and arrives with the same intent. If you think you can live in America and still be free;

Watch This Video

"What Happened at Ruby Ridge An American Horror Story" by jake 333

If we can sit back for all this time, since 1992 and do NOTHING AT ALL about what the ATF, the FBI and Lon Horiuchi (the sniper), in particular did to Randy Weaver and his family, then it is NO SURPRISE AT ALL that it would keep happening, over and over.

The latest occurrence at the FWS Wildlife "Refuge" is just another in a LONG LINE of abuse of power by our Federal government without a SINGLE SHERIFF standing at the County border with deputized Militia and Citizenry ready to STOP anyone who would intend harm to one of the county's people without due process and proper constitutional authority. In other words, if we can't defend ourselves "against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC", then you might as well take the Constitution and wipe your ass with it,.!!??

I am highly disturbed by this video and the unchecked abuse of power displayed and mad at myself, for not long ago seeking out the details of this encounter having known about it since it happened. This is the EXACT thing they meant when they included the words, "against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC". This video shows exactly who that domestic terrorist enemy REALLY is.

Does anyone see the parallels between Ruby Ridge and the Malheur Wildlife Refuge? This TOTALITARIAN, TYRANNICAL ABUSE OF GOVERNMENT POWER will not stop until WE stop it.

Call your Sheriff and show him this article. Then ask him whose side he's on; the Corporate structured tyrannical government thugs, or We The People's? That's what I am going to do with this information.

Then if he refuses to respond, I will run a public campaign to get rid of him and replace him with a constitutional Sheriff who knows the power and responsibilities of that office.

We will stop the abuse ourselves or it will not happen AT ALL!

Who is ready to go?

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There are no longer any Sheriffs in Connecticut; they are now Federal marshals. If you have a dirt-bag Sheriff; bag him now before it's too late. Arrest and prosecute that Cretin and appoint your own Sheriff now. OUR Federal government respects NO law. Enforce the ones WE have.

Where the hell are the Oathkeepers? Lavoy should never have been killed ; yes it's Randy and David all over again.

Who 's doing it?; it's Obama and his bitch Hillary; the same psychopaths who nailed Nino. Why? They have a uranium/plutonium rich land deal in those western lands with Russia. Do I smell treason? And don't be surprised if Harry Reid becomes vice president.

You ask what we can do???? this movie was made around 1991. (Ruby Ridge time frame) I stumbled across it the other day. You can watch it free on You Tube. 1 1/2 hr

This is about the town bully.. Law enforcement was no better then than now. The people had enough and were tired of being abused. This is what it always get too.......

this is what a posse can do. back then they knew attorneys were better criminals than the criminals. representatives were manipulating the laws and judges knew it but it was LEGAL...etc etc etc

The way I see it there isn't just one town bully anymore. They are all in the government and running the show.

what are we going to do????

Sheriff's are going to do whatever the people that pay their paycheck TELL them to do. I'd be lucky if I could get an "audience" with the local sheriff. 

Hell, here in Michigan, the Great Lakes state, it seems to be a problem just getting our communities clean water to drink. So I'm guessing you probably understand where personal rights come in.....

The police in general are generally well meaning people with control issues of their own.  They are often as abusive as they can get away with being because they have emotional problems.  They see themselves 'serving the public good' but enforcing the laws to the max.  Today they are trained not to have any empathy for the general public.

The communists have taken over America via the legal system and they are arming and using the local police as their military to enforce communist policy even then it far exceeds the constitutional power of the gov.   Civil forfeiture is a prime example of this sort of thing.

The courts have been co-opted by the communists and are being used as their military tribunals.

Civil forfeiture, as it exists today, totally violates the constitutional protected right to due process.  For the gov to institute a policy that blatantly violates the constitution, such action takes a declaration of war.  We are an occupied country. We simply do not know who the foreign power is.

Correction Bill.

We know who they are. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Fricks, Mellons, Barklays, Morgans, Carnegies, etc.

These are the truly sultan rich of the world. Not to mention the likes of Bill Gates, George Sauros and the aforementioned Sultans. The Pope controls the minds and hearts of literally Billions of Peoples around the world, and the world banking organizations control their money.

It's pretty easy to see who "they" are. The rest of the dupes are just useful puppets, who if they should violate the law and our rights, should be punished accordingly. = "  Django Unchained: Dr. Schultz and the Marshal" 3:40-minute video visited: " 455,762 " times.

The ultimate check and balance against one or the other of them being a crook.  See the copy and paste of my e-mail (to follow) on this topic of the two different ones that "they" are trying to make the SAME here in N.H. by Senate Bill 382.* to be heard in Public Hearing on Tue., March 8th @ 9:10 a.m.

* Here's the copy & paste, as promised with all the details:

This is all a matter-of-public-record


From: Joseph S. Haas [mailto:josephshaas at hotmail. dot com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 02, 2016 12:29 PM
To: Carson, Sharon; Cataldo, Sam; Lasky, Bette; Pierce, David; Daniels, Gary
Cc: ~House Municipal and County Govt; ~House Judiciary Committee; ~House Criminal Justice and Public Safety; ~House Finance Committee; Woodburn, Jeff; ~House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs; Thomas, Yvonne; Richardson, Herbert; ann.rice at doj dot nh dot gov
Subject: (Federalies) Please vote ITL on SB 382 next Tue., March 8th

The Senate Judiciary Committee

The Committee Meets in the State House, Room 100

Senator Carson
Chairman Carson

Sharon Carson  Chairman
Sam Cataldo  V Chairman
Bette Lasky  
David Pierce  
Gary Daniels  

Bills Currently in this Committee
Bills Originally Referred to this Committee

Aide: Susan Duncan
Phone: 271-3076
Location: SH 100

RE: SB 382 "relative to the authority of a federal law enforcement officer to make arrests in New Hampshire."

Next/Last Hearing:

03/08/2016 at 09:10 AM    SH Room 100

" Tuesday morning at from 9:10-:30 a.m. = 20 minutes allocated to this, as advertised on page 25 in the yellow pages of The SENATE CALENDAR No. 8 of last Thu., Feb. 25th at: to:
Dear Members:
1. This bill is garbage, pure and simple in that once the Feds become a part of the brotherhood of so-called law-enforcement officers of the State of New Hampshire then there can be no check and balance or incentive of to arrest rogue agents of "Uncle Sam" ; not that it is being done now but should or ought to have been like in the Ed Brown case of when Federal LIARS went under-cover to pluck two of our N.H. Article 12 inhabitants off their RSA Ch. 480:1-9 homestead, the local COPS of city, town and counties were supposed to PROTECT their rights to life, liberty AND property! of including the right as a so-called Debtor of NOT to be PLUCKED off their property, but to parley with the so-called Creditor to find out which moiety or equal half they'd like to be squeezed down to on their freehold to make payments therefrom until the so-called debt be paid in full, as a tax is merely a "charge" of NOT a debt due as owed until AFTER a trial by jury if claimed and of when over $1500 in dispute.  Get it!?  I hope so, and cite The  "Morsell v. First National Bank 91 U.S. 357 (1875) " case at The United States Supreme Court
that "they" put blinders on to as a no-see-um monkey to monkey-around with our RIGHTS!    " Judgments by the common law were not liens upon real estate. The lien arose from the power to issue a writ of elegit. "    and even though The House Municipal & County Government Committee  shot down HB1277 of the homestead act (to statutize yet another case-law*) yesterday morning at 10:44 a.m. in their LOB Room 301 I was there when the Chairman rushed this through with-OUT that of ANY discussion, this still does not eliminate this right! * Of I guess like in "Animal Farm" of all pigs are equal, just that SOME pigs are more equal than others, like the both Berch and Sylvia on House Judiciary KNOW-ing of another case law that they wanted to statutize in HB1287 in House Criminal Justice, but to heck with us others in like HB1287 about David Hackett Souter's case-law on nol pros. [ see case #2012-S-414 in Haverhill Circuit Court against Muh] Of a cc: to both these committees too, as I did give all three Committee Secretaries a signed print-out of my prior e-mail on this of Thu., Feb. 18th '16 @ 2:35 p.m. to each of them yesterday afternoon, of to: Nancy Cossett for Judiciary and Janet Clayman for Finance ** and Karen Karwocki for Criminal at about 1:50, 1:51 and 1:52 p.m. respectfully, ** of the one to Janet for Finance of to put into HJR5 of in the past tense of that going back to 1984, but really dealing with the LIAR AAG Richard Head (cc: to Deputy A.G. Ann Rice) who appeared at the House Finance Division I on that U.S. Census Taker Trespass case of he said that he did all that the law pre-scribed of I called of actually yelled to him in the hallway right afterward of that he was a LIAR so that the others in the room would hear too, in that he never did examine the evidence!
2. The point being is that here we had a siding of the AAG/ Assistant Attorney General with the Feds and now you want to certify them as equals to us!?  To which I reply of that phase of: "You have got to be shitting me!" & write and say for you to: "Wise Up"! But if you continue on with this crap, then I claim by this demand that before you do so that past wrongs be righted before we get into more wrongs by this hugging of so-called law en-FORCE-ment officers to do yet another "number" against more of us asserting our rights as New Hampshire inhabitants not to have to put up with Federalies who are a bunch of liars and thieves of having stolen our rights, of now you want to add them into the fold, of to contaminate our so-called "To Serve and Protect"ors!? They serve us alright, of serve us with their Dulocracy of making us, the master, subordinate to them the servants in this topsy-turvy State of Corruption here!

3. So "get with the program" as they say too, of your RSA Ch. 92:2 to Article 84 [ * ] oath of office &
of to that of what be in Article 31 of your job description and in the order presented of: "  Art.] 31. [Meetings of Legislature, for What Purposes.] The legislature shall assemble for the redress of public grievances and for making such laws as the public good may require." [ June 2, 1784] of there a bunch of HJRs 4, 5 + 6 and HB1228 that are in House Finance but that they use the excuse that that is not what they are there for, of all of them a bunch of liars and thieves and who think that we live in a Democracy! plus just because your Senate Rule 3-26 restricts resolutions to those other than as a joint from the House, that it can still be sent over to you for a 2/3rds vote to over-ride as Article 31 for to redress wrongs SHALL be Article 14 "complete" but isn't and so to what? try an Article 32 petition this Fall for 2017 legislation?  ____ I guess so as the majority of the current crop of "you people" seem to be lazy public non-servants in this "refrain" of thus getting over to another example for WHY not to co-mingle these dingleheads with the State ones we got as two wrongs do not make a right! Of the word dingle at: of in a hollow, of this " insincere or false:  " [ * ] of back to the word: liar again . . .
4. . . . because when I did try to assert my 1st Amendment right (of actually a right supposed to be a guarantee by the First Amendment to and now of the U.S. Constitution) by the "freedom of association" of to see my friend Ed Brown in the Strafford County Jail, that because Gary DiMartino, the U.S. Marshall did ORDER that the County Commissioners not grant my claim as my objection to them because the County C.O./ Correctional Officers, [**] of yet another so-called as they NEVER do send in any teachers to teach of in regards to taxation, as to "correct" is to LEARN of our deficiencies, of it actually "them" who purposefully deduct the word "lay", from the 16th Amendment of "to lay and collect", of that word lay is defined as to either: apply or impose, of that of they concentrate on the latter to levy, but that I go by the more consumer-friendly definition of to apply = to request, and so when a Federal agent does lay it on of expecting me to use his choice of that dictionary definition I tell him: no! I consent to the other one and say as I did in the I.R.S. case against me in M.83-50-D for then Chief Judge Shane Devine at the U.S. District Court in Concord back in 1983 after reading Martin J. "Red" Beckman's book on this of him here in N.H. back then running for President, of I said: request: Denied! and so case closed of they got not one red cent from me! plus that of an apartment house is NOT a business but an investment! And as for Ed & Elaine Brown of using the Vivien Kellems way of dealing with employees [ ***]of for THEM [ *** ] to connect to "Uncle Sam" IF they want, see:
5. So when you wrote that of: " 
Police Standards and Training Council; Power to Certify Federal Law Enforcement Officers.  Amend RSA 188-F:26, IV to read as follows:

IV.  Certify persons as being qualified under the provisions of this subdivision to be police officers, state corrections officers,[ **]  [or] state probation-parole officers, or certified federal law enforcement officers for the purposes of RSA 594:26, a" & " 594:26  Power of Arrest for New Hampshire Crimes. " in Roman Numerals I to VI, I say: get lost!

Yours truly, - - - - - - - - - - - - Joseph S. Haas, P. O. Box 3842, Concord, N.H. 03302, Tel. 413: 438-3820 (cell phone)

cc: House = Municipal, Judiciary, Criminal, and Finance Committees (and State-Fed too) = 5;

and Prime Sponsor Woodburn
in Senate ED&A; Co-sponsor Theberg in House State-Fed and so a coyy to all of them too, ' Y. Thomas in Recreation Berlin Wards 1,2,3+4
;  and H. Richardson in Science. from Lancaster. Tholl in Criminal. 






AN ACT relative to the authority of a federal law enforcement officer to make arrests in New Hampshire.

SPONSORS: Sen. Woodburn, Dist 1; Rep. Theberge, Coos 3; Rep. Y. Thomas, Coos 3; Rep. Richardson, Coos 4; Rep. Tholl, Coos 5

COMMITTEE: Judiciary



This bill grants certain federal law enforcement officers the authority to make arrests in New Hampshire.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Explanation: Matter added to current law appears in bold italics.

Matter removed from current law appears [in brackets and struckthrough.]

Matter which is either (a) all new or (b) repealed and reenacted appears in regular type.




In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Sixteen

AN ACT relative to the authority of a federal law enforcement officer to make arrests in New Hampshire.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1  Police Standards and Training Council; Power to Certify Federal Law Enforcement Officers.  Amend RSA 188-F:26, IV to read as follows:

IV.  Certify persons as being qualified under the provisions of this subdivision to be police officers, state corrections officers, [or] state probation-parole officers, or certified federal law enforcement officers for the purposes of RSA 594:26, and establish rules under RSA 541-A for the suspension or revocation of the certification of such persons in the case of egregious misconduct or failure to comply with council standards.

2  Arrests in Criminal Cases; Definition of Officer.  Amend RSA 594:1, III to read as follows:

III.  "Officer'' or "peace officer'' is any sheriff or deputy sheriff, mayor or city marshal, constable, police officer or watchman, member of the national guard acting under orders while in active state service ordered by the governor under RSA 110-B:6, certified federal law enforcement officer as defined in RSA 594:26, I, or other person authorized to make arrests in a criminal case.

3  New Subdivision; Certified Federal Law Enforcement Officers.  Amend RSA 594 by inserting after section 25 the following new subdivision:

Certified Federal Law Enforcement Officers

594:26  Power of Arrest for New Hampshire Crimes.

I.  For purposes of this section, “a certified federal law enforcement officer” means a federal law enforcement officer who:

(a)  Is employed as a law enforcement officer of the federal government as a special agent or border patrol agent of the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection;

(b)  Has satisfactorily completed a course of study in New Hampshire laws and criminal procedures approved by the police standards and training council, at the expense of the officer’s agency;

(c)  Has been certified by the director of police standards and training pursuant to paragraph II; and

(d)  Has taken an oath administered by the commissioner of safety or by the commissioner’s designee to uphold the constitution of the state of New Hampshire.

II.  The director of the police standards and training council shall certify a federal law enforcement officer who applies for certification if the officer satisfies the employment and study requirements listed in paragraph I.  Federal law enforcement officers certified under this section shall be exempt from regular physical fitness examinations required of state or municipal law enforcement officers.  A certification under this paragraph shall automatically terminate immediately upon the officer’s suspension or termination of employment from the federal agency in which he or she was employed at the time the certification occurred.

III.  A certified federal law enforcement officer may make an arrest pursuant to New Hampshire law for violation of New Hampshire laws anywhere within the state if the officer determines that it is necessary to do any of the following:

(a)  Protect an individual in the presence of the officer from the imminent infliction of serious bodily injury.

(b)  Provide immediate assistance to an individual who has suffered or is threatened with serious bodily injury.

(c)  Prevent the escape of any individual who the officer reasonably believes has committed a crime in the presence of the officer.

(d)  Prevent the escape of any individual who the officer reasonably believes has committed a felony under New Hampshire law.

IV.  A certified federal law enforcement officer who makes an arrest under this section shall report the arrest, without delay, to the division of state police.

V.  A certified federal law enforcement officer who makes an arrest under the authority of this section shall have the same immunity from liability that a state or municipal law enforcement officer has under the laws of this state.

VI.  This section is not intended to limit existing authority of federal officers under federal law or to interfere with the performance of federal duties by federal officers.

4  Effective Date.  This act shall take effect January 1, 2017. 

This is BAD, 


You must not allow this bill to pass. You must go and verbally protest in the most vehement way this attempt at federal take over of our "safety" and "security".

Yes Morton, I will TRY to be there even BEFORE 9:10 a.m. on Tuesday, with State Rep. Mike Brewster of Pittsfield too I hope also of who I did alert about this to him over the phone call to him from me  yesterday afternoon.  Here's my reply e-mail to one of the secretaries for one of these N.H. State Senators on this committee, plus more:

"From: josephshaas at Hotmail dot com
To: bette.lasky at; kelly.flathers at
CC: sharon.carson at; sam.cataldo at; david.pierce at; gary.daniels at; housemunicipalandcountygovt at; housejudiciarycommittee at; housecriminaljusticeandpublicsafety at; housefinancecommittee at; jeff.woodburn at; housestate-federalrelationsandveteransaffairs at; yvonne.thomas at; honhdr at; ann.rice at; armlaw at
Subject: (thanks) RE: (Federalies) Please vote ITL on SB 382 next Tue., March 8th
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2016 12:29:29 -0500

Thank you Kelly. [  Kelly dot flathers at leg dot state dot nh dot us ]  for:  [  Bette dot Lasky at leg dot state dot nh dot us ]
Somebody just sent me this video that I'd like to share with you and the rest:
"  What Happened at Ruby Ridge? An American Horror Story! " of 8:47 minutes visited: " 1,341 " times;
with "7 comments", including: "  Jay Tee6 months ago" who wrote: ". . . I knew a man that had a bench warrant out for him, but they didn't come to his home with an army with orders to shoot everyone, anything & everything in the area! no one came in camo, shot his pet or his family. if u believe this is justifiable, then something is wrong in ur world, & I damn sure hope ur not a law-maker in this country!!!  "
That reply from Jay reminds me of " The Majesty of the Law is a 1915 American drama silent film written and directed by Julia Crawford Ivers. The film stars George Fawcett(in his film debut), Jane Wolfe, William Desmond, Myrtle Stedman, John Oaker and Charlie Ruggles. The film was released on August 26, 1915, by Paramount Pictures.[1][2] " that I remember seeing on TV back in the 1980s when I was a landlord. & for the " Brief Synopsis " but that is missing:  for my Review: What I learned from this film that I saw on TV back in the 1980s when in my 30s was that of the pleasantness of the law enforcement officer (like what we were told in Elementary School of "Officer Friendly") of that he communicated to the one who he had a warrant for that of the man's word is his bond until if or when not so, as presumed at first to have, of that he be allowed to turn himself in at some appointed day and time in the future tense.  Unfortunately that does not work for crooked court officers like Probate Judge John C. Fairbanks here in New Hampshire who was given such an option, but then skipped to Canada with $millions to Las Vegas of that made Robert Stack's "Unsolved Mysteries" on N.B.C.-T.V. See: for the phrase of: " 

It is not just where is the Sheriff or any other American respecting law enforcement willing to prosecute Domestic enemies. Where is the people? Where have those who were strong proponents of the tea party days gone?

Anna Reitz has done a good job in organizing and identifying the knowledge of the false government known as the public service corporations owned by the bankers and managed by the BAR Associations.

We need people to understand that our republic is vacant of public officials, and the perceived government is only a public service corporation, violating its corporate charter authorized by the state republic and manned with corporate employees.

If we had enough people who respect the American republic to stand up and bring lawful claims against the town, police department, and main street courts, that is the real source of tyranny on the local level, and bring those claims into the sheriff to demand that the violations of the law of the land is being violated are reviewed by a true and lawful grand jury of the people and when the violations are shown to be a crime that warrants for arrest and brought forth to a true trial by jury with real American people, on the local level. This would show by real example how the people can stand up and man the republic to respect and protect the lawful rights of the people.

We the people need to stand up as Americans to beat down this fraud of communist hoax. The facts are all there in the Declaration of Independence, constitutions, Statutes at Large, and congressional records.


We cannot keep repeating the insanity, we cannot just vote our way out of this mess, (rigged voting machines). While the polling of the people show 80% distrust the government system, why can't we get a few good men on the county levels to shine the light on the real crime of America, and stand up to prosecute?

Ya take a job; ya take an oath; ya take payoffs and ya screw everybody who gets in ya way = the American way of politics, law enforcement and all endorsed by the lazy corrupt American people.

Hello, those interested in 3:16-cr-00051-br Bundy et al. Take a look at the filings we at PAGsAA have made at the federal court in Portland. You can file on these issues also.

Research has proven that the title of the land at Malheur is not clear of clean and this is even more proof of no jurisdiction in this case and massive, multiple civil rights violations unto death in the murder of LaVoy.


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