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Al Baba was the leader of a band of forty thieves while Paul Ryan's band consists of 435 thieves. It is obvious that a larger band of thieves working for the 540 billionaires in the United States can do a lot more damage than a Al Capone and his gang.

We need to throw criminals in jail, including the ones who masquerade as public servants. For every two years they serve Congress, they should serve another two years in s state prison. of making our money disappear we should them disappear. Many of them started out as honest and ethical human beings, but once were elected they converted to the Gospel of the Financial Elite.

It is well known that when an individual achieves a position of power their honesty and virtue disappear. The problem is that power corrupts. Like fire, government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master, When a fire is under control it can cook your feed and warm your house, but when it is out of control it can deprive you of your food and burn down your house.

We need to control the fire we call Congress, If we don't control it, it will consume us. To regain control we first need to reduce the size of the Congressional Districts and increase the number of Representatives. We need to take the power that is currently vested in the hands of 435 career politicians and redistribute that power back to the people.

This can be accomplished by creating thousands of new Congressional Districts and electing virtuous men and women like you and I to serve the people in their communities. An amendment that would limit the size of Congressional Districts was ratified by Congress on March 25, 1789 to no more than 50,000 people.

This proposed Amendment was the first of twelve submitted to the states for ratification. Twelve states voted to ratify the amendment, but Connecticut failed to submit the paperwork to the Secretary of State so it failed to be added the first amendment in the Bill of Rights.

This amendment is still pending. To be made law, thirty eight states must vote in favor of its ratification. Currently eleven states have already done so and we need 27 more state legislatures to vote on its ratification for it to become the 28th Amendment.

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