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There are many things that appear to be something that they are not. All that glitters is not gold. The financial elite deliberately deceive us in order to control us. Josef Goebbels, Nazi Germany's Minister of Propaganda once proclaimed "It is the right and the duty of state form public opinion."

By controlling what we think they are able to control us. By accepting the things we are told and being blindly obedient we give our consent to tyranny. According to Thomas Jefferson it is our duty to question authority.

In the early days of our nation's history we had statesmen that made their decisions based upon principles; today we have politicians that make decisions based upon the directions that the political winds are blowing. Many of the men and women whom we look to today as leaders were created by financial elite to deceive us.

When you go to McDonalds to purchase a burger, they don't care if you buy a Quarter Pounder or a Big Mac as long as you make your selection from their menu.

All of the Talk Show media personalities preach a slightly different Gospel but they are all paid by the same cabal of International Bankers. When it comes to our elections, no matter who you choose you lose.

As long as the political parties are owned and operated by the Wall Street Bankers we will continue down the path to our own enslavement.

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One of my uncles was declared by a politician at his funeral, to be Oregon's last statesman. He was Walter Wirth, from Panther Creek/Moore's Valley, Oregon. Beyond that, I don't think there are any left in the corporation. We are developing some right here. Uncle Walt died several years ago.



The first question that one should ask in life's tribulations is HOW MUCH FRAUD IS LEGAL = 0

So when it comes to the: Elitist International Bankers, and dictators of the world I salute you with the 1 finger salute.

Exibit #1.

Guess who owes us a trillion bucks!

Now how many other countries owes us?   THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION?

why do we bow down to un-Constitutional any thing? What l would love to see is our Country back to a Constitutional basics.

I did not know how to defend myself. I did not know that the legal system and the lawful system are not the same thing. Now that I know, the books WILL BE BALANCED!


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