Compelling parents to send their sons and daughters to public schools is subjecting the children to involuntary servitude. Learning is a natural process. The goal of eduction is to teach our children how to think and how to solve problems.

Some are able to learn faster than others and all children should be taught to read, write and reason.

Students compelled to go to school to get educated are taught to conform rather than to create. They are taught to memorize rather than to think critically. Students are rewarded for coloring in side the lines and are punished for thinking outside of the box.

A;bert Einstein once observed that if government school the teachers endeavor to teach fish how to climn trees. Every child should be taught the skills necessary to be productive members of society. The goal of an outstanding teacher is help each child achieve their highest potential.

The teachers in the government schools are assigned the task ot having their students master curriculm standards rather than teaching them how to think and solve problems.

A child'n begins learning at birth and doesn't emd until their death. Education on the other hand begins pre-school and ends upon gradulation from college.

We need to allow our children to learn at their own pace and to allow them to graduate when they have mastered the skills necessary to be successful human beings.

When a child demonstrates that they have developed the capacity to think critically and solve everyday problems the state should provide the child with $100,000 to pursue a college degree or to start their own business.

Student should be rewarded for learning, not punished by being forced to sit in a classroom to be indoctrinated.

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