Hello Folks,

America Again! is still around and has it's own social networking site now and we're very excited about it!!


We welcome everyone to come and check out the new website that is also linked to our www.Americaagain.net site.

Our social network will be focused on our efforts to Ratify the 28th Amendment and enacting it's 22 actions including BCHA (tm), and Tactical Civics (tm).

America Again! is still very focused on Ratifying the 28th Amendment and that starts with people joining from all States across the Republic and becoming a member of your State group and volunteering to be coordinators of your State. And then recruiting others to help and do a part in accomplishing our Proclamation Day event. We still need more people willing to stand up and become a part of history now. We're moving forward and want to put people to work volunteering and being examples to the rest of the country and to help others understand that We The People are the employers of this Republic, above the Constitution. And our political servants are below, and are just that, servants to the People.

Please continue to join us every week on our Sunday night Conference Call at 8PM Central Standard Time, phone number 712-775-703 1 access code 123 277 344.  The phone call opens at 7PM CST for open discussion and is an opportunity for folks to connect with others across the country.

Thank you for supporting us and helping us help you by being the solution to all we have lost and what we need to do to put We The People back in charge of our government.

Peace and Blessings,

Erin LeaSocial Media Evangelist for America Again!Kansas co-coordinator

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