Any Change Will Do!

I don't often support anyone in their efforts to make changes or raise money for individual causes people, but now I think it is appropriate to ask. 

I would like to ask the members of this volunteer based association to consider helping out Keith Broaders one more time. His need is great and his life is actually on the line this time folks. He is having trouble with his health in general, but specifically is in need of some treatment that cannot wait.

He has been very generous with his contribution to the site and the cause of liberty. Now it's time for us to step up to the plate and do our part even if it hurts a little. If everyone in the Constitution Club donated just one dollar, we could raise over $4,000!

That's the price of a donut and coffee folks and they can be gone in sixty seconds. A pack of cigarettes costs more than that and usually only lasts one day.

Let's see what we can do help! 

If you have ANY extra change, you can change a life! To donate to Keith and help him pay his upcoming and necessary medical expenses and make ends meet,


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I was a holistic health consultant in my past life and have helped people cure their diabetes, infections, etc...  Alopathic methods are toxic and don't work.  Does Keith have diabetes?  This is one of the easiest to cure.  Also, know that cholesterol drugs CAUSE diabetes and depression and other illnesses.


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