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California hads a population of 207,556 in 1854 and the people had 80 representatives in the state assembly. Today we still have 80 reoresentatuvesm byt we have a population of nearly 40 million.

As the population has grown one hundred fold in the last 164 years the number of repreentatives has remained constant. In 1854 we had one reoresentative foir every 2,564 and today we have one representative for 487,000.

For a representative form of government to survive the people need to be adequately represented. When all of the political power is vested in a relatively small number of represntatives the many can easily be controlled by the few.

The richest 1% if people control 50% of the wealth and the 120 state legislatures control 100% of the political power. Is it any wonder why those who the political power alre working for the 1% who own virtually everuthng and everybody.

When political power is shared among the people, the wealth will be more equitably distributed

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