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If a Senator or Representative votes in favor of legislation that violates provisions of the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights, has that individual committed a crime and should they be punished or removed from office?

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The fact is that all Senators that voted for Obamacare are guilty and should be held to task.

Any that voted for the UN Guns Bill Treaty are guilty as well.

If they take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and violate that have they not essentially perjured themselves????? Perjury is a felony where I come from.

1.) It is a crime against the people's trust.  It is warring with the organic constitution.

2.) Recall is not in every state

3.) Not sure of the steps to take to remove, but they should be removed immediately without hesitation.

4.) What we are dealing with is so corrupt and vile that they have secret docs and other constitutions that seem to protect who they want and get rid of who does not play ball.

5.) I think every state house and the capital should be occupied in shifts by as many American Nationals as possible as Ghandi did demanding the change in our government and repealing the assault on the American Republic.  Peaceful, but never moving.  All out of work individuals I am sure have the time among many of us.

In Liberty and Freedom for all,

John Adams

South Carolina free state

John, Could you please make contact with me at your earliest convenience? The contact Email is workingforabettercounty2012ATgmailDOTcom South Carolina would be well represented by you.

Absolutely. Hold them accountable! Remove any that support the violation of our rights.

If the legislator does not know that that legislation is unconstitutional, then removal from office is recommended.... there is no reason for a legislator to be ignorant of the Constitution after making an oath to protect it. If the legislator votes, knowing that it's unconstitutional, then charges for perjury, treason is appropriate.

They should follow the law of the land which is supposed to be the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It could be considered criminal not to do so. How about a fair trial first though? Every one deserves a fair trial. Let a fully informed jury who understands the Constitution and the power of a jury decide their fate. Also, make sure all in the trial take the oath "so help me God" and mean it.

Of course they should. 

My own strategy is to contact my Reps and Senators to let them know my emphasis on loyalty to American people via Constitution first.  If they vote in a way that shows party loyalty over loyalty to American people/Constitution then I say they need to tell me the basis for their vote so I can know why they chose party over the American people.  

I also let them know that if their reason does not demonstrate value to Americans, I will not vote for them.

By example, I recently notified them of my opposition to passing any "Fast Track" that extends Executive Powers over Congressional Powers....I would not be able to vote for them.

This was in response to the present desire to "Fast Track" the trade bill.  I believe the trade bill should be transparent and discussed openly.  I do not believe any President should be able to "Fast Track" any bill the American people are not aware of in terms of content. 

Yes, the Constitution is the Supreme law of the land. Opinions, party agendas, UN treaties, and the like are not. The problem seems to be that the people do have resolve to deal with those who are violating that law at will.

Correct.  Our efforts must be to engage the We-The-People Unengaged and uninformed to get that resolve by finding ways to tap into their angst.  The trick I see is to turn angst and anger into action...not apathy.  

Apathy on the part of the election is the fall of our Republic.   Republic = Rule of Law under the Constitution.

Do you have any idea how many folks do not know that our US Constitution governs government not We the People?

That is the cause...Daniel, you've hit the nail on the head.

In my opinion most of the members of congress have violated their oath many times and should be removed from congess and never be allowed to hold public office again.

Ray A. Harney

Parke County Patriots

All member's of both houses are guilty of treason. For example ; One senator or house member may vote against gum control and turn right around and vote for the N.D.A.A. ; I have been watching this play out for the last five years now. All these congressional dope's are treasonous and they should all be arrested !! Dismayed, Steve


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