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If a Senator or Representative votes in favor of legislation that violates provisions of the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights, has that individual committed a crime and should they be punished or removed from office?

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If you consider the acts surrounding Congress in 1866 to be valid and lawful then THE Act of 1871 is as good a place as any to consider as the dismantling of the original Constitution.   

Well, Carl, I bear some affinity for arguments that statutes enacted by the 'Rump Congress' after it adjourned sine die, have compelling merit. Still, the entirely separate government formed in the DC enclave in 1871 effectively and practically replaced the de jure Congress ... removed from original jurisdiction.

It couldn't actually disavow the instrument of 1787, because all its Lawful empowerment flows from that source. What happened (by constructive consequence) was to leave it in effect ... over all the original, ordinary jurisdictions ... the DC city-state had shifted out of.

Now, with all the state legislatures having followed suit to conduct their affairs under the 'Whiskey Tax District' jurisdictions, they have their long-coveted 'Nation' under the central authority of Congress.

Our political 'salvation' is to re-populate the original, ordinary jurisdictions as State Citizens, entirely divorced from all the different means of direct nexus keeping us under the boot of DC. ALL STATUTE IS MUNICIPAL.

Glad you brought that up Pat,

To that end, the Union States Project began in late 2012. At present, nine of the original thirteen States (Colonies) have noticed the world that their States have restored the dormant  De Jure governments and have, by accepting the Articles of Confederation as their law form, restored the Republic and joined in league with each other for the purpose of establishing a tightly controlled, with enumerated powers, Union.

By reading the Congressional record of the time, it was discovered that the lawful means to bring on the remaining 37 States (four of the original colonies have been slow to bring their States forward but nine represents the quorum necessary to do the business of the Union. DE, MA, RI and SC remain no shows but we're working feverishly to bring them on board) IS in the Articles. Art. 11, which was unclear by itself, was later found, through those Congressional resolutions to have expanded its meaning to allow for the Territories to petition for acceptance into the Union.

This is vitally important since it was thought that the only means to bring them forward was by and through Article 4 Section 3 of the Constitution. That document has been proven to be laced with deceitful language that allowed the usurpation of power beyond the boundaries of the Untied States (the ten square miles making DC and its Territories) and the De Jure, Independent, Sovereign States, in Union with each other, have decided to await the Quorum of the fifty States to bring forward the newly revised Constitution, by removing the repugnant language in that document and adding definitions to preclude the words being arbitrarily changed by the no longer able to hold office Attorneys.

The "Whiskey Rebellion" of which you speak was the first assumption of taxing powers  by the United States. The moral to that story was simply this... Authority to do anything extra Constitutional was always achieved at the point of a sword.

If you desire a historical "Mulligan" or do over, here's how we do it. So, if you or any who read this have Patriot friends located in the above noted four States or in any of the remaining thirty seven, please contact me at PHBR2014atGmaildotCom. We're rapidly approaching the time where the Military will be forced to look for the establishment of We the Peoples' lawful government for its orders. We'd best be ready since that time rapidly approaches.

Carl, yes, I'm very familiar with the Union States Project and its direct offshoot, All States Organic Initiative. They're pointed in exactly the correct direction.

I should say that "DE, MA, RI and SC" are modernized indicia of the exclusively federal body's "Whiskey Tax Districts", along with their sub-division Zone Improvement Plan code numbers, which I formally disavow as indicative of my Domicile (rather, Penna in abbreviation).

Funny detail of the Whiskey Tax enforcement ... Hamilton personally assured the 'Rebels' that he wouldn't prosecute their refusal of liability, if they'd FIRST ... swear allegiance to the United States ... and THEN agree to submit to the tax!

Of course, if one recognizes Common Law Process, Hamilton had to secure their traverse out from State to federal jurisdiction, or in truth he COULD NEVER lawfully apply the tax on their whiskey, unless OTHER grounds (such as use of Continental paper notes in trade) formed a crucial nexus.

Whether we re-assert our defensive Union under the Articles or Constitution, either (both?) needs to be re-defined to conform more perfectly to the Spirit of our Declaration. Remember, the Articles corrupted its Spirit with Patriarchal and racist disenfranchisement of our women and colored fellows, respectively. The Constitution perpetuated those moral affronts, only less blatantly.

If you'll have a look at ... ... taking pains to fully comprehend the document's qualifying language, you'll see that The People are Of Right to act with or without recourse to their particular States' Legislative facilities.


So few have taken the time to learn and apply. As for the language they used, at that time, we now know everything was predicated on the flawed assumption that we are divided by race and by social status. I have to think that the founding documents represented some sort of compromise between the hard core Slave Masters and the free men of the time. Their concerns are not ours so all the language of division will, not can, be removed. The ambiguities  that allowed the Esq.'s to manipulate the language of the Articles, NW Ordinance, Paris Peace Treaty and the Constitution to suit their masters in London will be re-written with definitions etched in stone to prevent the wordsmithing perversion from ever happening again. There are no limits to what We the People can do with those documents so long as the ones doing the revising have a belief structure and moral code paralleling the 28 points cited in the 5000 year leap. Close adherence to those principles will assure us that the resulting documents will firmly establish the path to our future we so longingly desire.

With the exception of the Declaration of Independence, all founding docs will need this treatment. Some will add exclamation marks by announcing repudiation of any and all claims to land ownership claimed by the Vatican. Some will remove the symbolic Admiralty flags flown in every government facility. Some will travel to the highest point in their State and remove the alleged Coast Guard monuments, plaques and signs should they truly exist. Unalienable rights secured, Common Law Courts established in every jurisdiction and the shift in consciousness by the majority of newly educated We the People sovereigns will remove the possibility of an apathetic Public and convert those people to the exponentially growing movement of Patriots who now understand that the only way it works into perpetuity is by us remaining ever vigilant. 

Title to this, our land must be established by conquest which can be done without a bullet being fired. Once We the People have repudiated the debt accumulated by the Corporate government (UNITE STATES) and/or satisfy that debt by repatriating moneys laying idle in the thousands of CAFR accounts. Repudiation seems the correct way to deal with this planned and fabricated debt crisis since it was only attained by massive fraud and deceit. Both reasons make such obligations null and void.

Null and void... talk about a quick reversal of fortunes and governments those two words would place us on the fast track to a complete and healthy recovery.

Probably preaching to the choir but these words reinforce our resolve and propel us to complete the process of altering or abolishing this form of government.

Union States will be ready to step in when the Military figures out just how bad they need us to be there. The concerns of many, relating to money and the shift away from this welfare/communist society are being honed as we write.

Finally, the most important ingredient insuring this never happens again will begin but never end... Education.

3 % of the population, standing shoulder to shoulder, firmly demanding these fundamental changes, will be all that it will take to achieve success. 3 %

Since I am one of the uneducated you are not preaching to the choir as far as I am concerned.  Please keep posting to get you r positions and thoughts out. Thank you.

BTW Pat,

Have you established your living on the land (Sovereign) status?

Well, I paid gold coin of the USA in concluding the Note on my land's Principal Money Mortgage, then made certified declaration of its removal to original, ordinary jurisdiction of my State, declaring it as my Lawful Permanent Domicile as Citizen thereof, all on the Public Record.

Does that fit what you mean, Carl?

I sent a friend request so that we could have a private talk... 

Malfeasance, misfeasance and perjury are immoral, violations of the public trust and acts that are inconsistant with our U.S.A. Constitution REGARDLESS if no law states this. Not every act that is wrong (morally, constitutionally, factually,...) has a "law" stating that it is wrong. Civil law, common law, natural law and/or common sense can be used in (or out) court to enforce a wrong.

Even if there was a statute, code, regulation, law... stating what perjury is and how it will be punished it would be ignored by politicians who defend each other's wrongs. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."


If you want to change that, simply do what others are currently doing... Form your County's own Board of Review. With its roots of authority found in the Magna Carta, Article 61, we will no longer tolerate or allow these breaches of public trust to go unpunished. We created our local governments and we are charged with the responsibility to make sure they represent us. I have begun mine and it's name is the Patrick Henry Board of Review. We are the first in the Nation to do this and will clear a path and lay the groundwork for you and any others to repeat this in your jurisdiction.

The time to talk about problems is long past. Enter now, the new phase of this Nations history, where we take corrective action.

Please provide details so others can do this also. Do you have any modern laws to support this method? The Magna Carta was not made in America nor does it apply (according to politicians).


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