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If a Senator or Representative votes in favor of legislation that violates provisions of the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights, has that individual committed a crime and should they be punished or removed from office?

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As Sovereign of the Land, Gregory, we have original jurisdiction to directly instruct government on our Supreme Authority. To facilitate that Power, we need can issue our Proclamations along this example >>>


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Yes, and I did click on it to accept.

Pat, Been very distracted. Getting back in soon.

No matter how right we are the powers that be will not reason with us. Their mission is our total defeat by any means necessary.

Right or wrong is not in their heads.

My firm position, Gregory, is that these 'powers that be' only possess such 'power' in their meticulously constructed private jurisdiction. By keeping the fact and limits of their jurisdiction from general understanding, they've cajoled us all to move our affairs of life under it and thus under their legal authority to 'lord over.'

Like Dorothy in Oz, however, it's actually as easy as 'clicking our heels together' to remove ourselves BACK to existing as State Citizens under their original, ordinary legal jurisdictions in Lawful Permanent Domicile and 'get off the Plantation' to self-govern again.

I say the fences confining us, are principally in our heads.

Pat, what body is going to proclaim you right and enforce your rights?

Gregory, God, acting through the record of Common Law 'proclaims' my rights and all those who seek Right and Justice under Common Law are thereby obligated to enforce it for our mutual protection and well-being.

Given that the State and federation Constitutions were all created in the Spirit of Common Law, an Oath to uphold the tenets of those documents, are consequently bound to preserve and defend their very underlying foundational underpinnings as well.

Jon, good point, but it only applies if those acting under our authority abide by the laws that restrict them. That is precisely why we have the problem, today. We, the people, have failed in our charge of  'eternal vigilance'. But we can take the blinders off--if we have the will.

Stephen, I agree hole hearted, but the Senators or Congressman/woman are never going to bring charges on any of each other because they themselfs would be placing a rope around there own necks. Being that said, what is the step that we The People can take, and sense we have a splits nation is there ever going to be something we can do? I heard many times the government moves slow, but over the last 5 years we have seen Obama move dam fast to push his agenda and has done a good job of destroying America. Is there any hope as to being able to save a country so hell bent on destroying the jobs, family, morals, military,and the church. Every day there are more attacks on the faith of Christians in America and the promoting of the Muslim faith across the world, we see Christians being killed like never before even in the state of New Jersey Christians are being killed and beheaded and the media says nothing. Here in America our military can't go to church and get up in front of a Christian Church and talk about Jesus,while in Uniform, but in the same uniform can march in a Gay Parade. Have we gone past the point of no return? Has God said we have had enough time to make things right and all we do is sink deeper into more sin. We know how, and the names that are being named for California Nuts, Fruits, and Flakes, And with the mess that is taking place there and there state is falling under droughts and fires mud slides and still no one looks toward God. God said there would be drought, fammons, cattle are dieing from the lack of water. Grasses and crops drying up. And still no one seem to see anything God said would happen. If the cold weather is a nother warning for the people to look up, and one says it's global warming are fools. People don't want to hear from God, the American people are losing this country founded on the Christian belief. To me it seems we have fallen and can't get up!!! Now that could be a add for something?

Yes, there absolutely is hope. It is called knee power and it works. I tried it.

2 Chronicles 7:14

14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

1. Humble ourselves

2. Pray

3. Seek God's face

4. Turn from our wicked ways

Pat, are you saying there is effectively only one constitution of 1871?

When Congress instituted the 'Government of the District of Columbia' in 1871, Christopher, it adopted the Constitution of 1787 ... minus ... the true 13th Amendment which HAD been in it's Body for the previous half century.

Apart from that, Congress unilaterally disbanded the independent municipalities of Washington and Alexandria to incorporate them under the government Congress created.


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