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The Nation of Israel mentioned in the Bible refers to the descendants of Jacob, not the government that was established in 1948 by the Rothschilds family. Descendants of Jacob who live anywhere on earth are among the people of the covenant. People who are not descendants of Jacob are gentiles or counterfeit Jews.

I love my country, but I despise the government. I love the people living in the land of Israel, but I do not love the diabolical government that masquerades as the Nation of Israel.

The government of the people living in Israel is like the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. The leaders of the Israeli government are not who they pretend to be. Most of their leaders do not have a drop of Hebrew blood in their veins. They are descendants of the Khazars who converted to Judaism in the 8th century.

Any government that violates God's Law is our enemy. The name of the country or the religion they claim to embrace is irrelevant. The nation of Israel refers to all of the descendants of Israel, no matter where they physically live.



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Whoa hold on there cowboy. SPEAK ONLY FOR YOURSELF.
See that red there? I am a certified Genetic Semite of Jewish ancestry.  Do you have any idea what us "real" Jews think about Khazarian Zionists? The False Jews who stole our legacy for political Globalist gain?

I suppose I am "antisemitic" ???  Sounds kind of stupid to me.

I have a better idea how about you send a few minutes learning about how the Zionist Jews think about stupid GOYIM (you) and what their intent is for the Goyim.?

If you had any idea regarding the reality of the subject.

I must ask, Have you read the Talmud and the Torah?

Would you want me to post a few hundred anti goyim passages?

Do you have any idea the Globalists of today have only one intent and that is the eradication of the majority of mankind by ANY means?

Or should I talk abut blood ritual?

Or am I am anti Jew, Jew?  How would you like it if your ancestry and your history was hijacked by criminals and used for their benefit while they sacrificed your family in WWII for profit. . . .

Nope, never read the Talmud or the Torah.

Have read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

As I recall, the Torah essentially is the (5)  Five Books of Moses,

initiated during the reign of Solomon and finalized by Ezra and Nehemiah.

I have read about the attack of the USS Liberty in 1967 off the coast of Israel

during the 6 day war with Egypt.

I still have much to learn. Interesting videos- thanx

You are very welcome. What we have today regarding the 5 books of Moses are not what were originally written. They have been so bastardized they do not read as they once did.

In specific the deception on the Mount where Moses asked YHWH, "Why should I choose you over the other Gods?"

That fact alone re-writes a major portion of history. It is only within the last 20 years that  factual translations have taken place, indicating a manipulation that tears apart the very roots of religion itself. But those translations go much further to show a very different history than what has been taught for millennia.

Mauro Biglino Ex Vatican translator (published by the Vatican) who left the Vatican after properly re translating from the original scripts the first 20 books of the Bible, provides a different light regarding religious history. One that I took the time and $13,000 to do myself. back in 1996. My reasons for doing so relate to an experience in 1978 when I did a crash retrieval.

That list includes 48 mini Nuks and a few large ones. It also includes billions from Christian churches and other Jewish  based donation organizations.

Oh and they are not "Gods chosen" that was a total line of manipulation bases in a mis translation or a purposeful DECEPTION a very long time ago. You know like the deception that the Bible is the WORD or the Saying you can only get to heaven through Jesus. Or "Do not eat from the tree of knowledge."  Then of course there were the many centuries of preventing the common man from even being able to read  the scriptures at all.

You know spoon feeding religion to the flock....

That's the wonderful thing about the internt.

We can all learn from others who have studied issues or

topics we are interested in learning about.

Precisely! When it comes to ancient Hebrew the vowels make all the difference. Ancient Hebrew was written without vowels so in translating it is even more important to translate with an eye of "insitu"and understanding the education of the original person experiencing the "event" as it transpired. A Histological view.

Ironic... because Jesus himself was not Jewish either. He was Lebanese.

His grandparents, Joachim and Hanna Omram, the parents of Mary, were from the village of Qana (Lebanon, ten kilometers south-east of the city of Tyr and at an altitude of 85 meters), of Upper Galilee, within the district of Phoenicia. Jesus was born in the district of Phoenicia as well, of Lower Galilee. Both his mother & father, Joseph, Mary's 1st cousin and husband, were also from Qana.

This is why his native language was Aramaic, not Hebrew. Aramaic is an Arabic dialect, with many of the words being the same. The 2 most notable are, "God" ("Allah") and "Peace Be Upon You" ("Asalamulaykum"), which Jesus say's all through out the Bible. Together with Mathew 26:39, they reveal the truth being hidden.

The Vatican has census information along with some of the last known depictions of  what Jesus actually looked like. Pretty close to this ..

Hair like wool, feet like bronze.

Also there were 2 Jesus' in the village, and lots of Mary's, including his little sister. To make clear who people referred to, they would use relative association, Mary sister of Jacob, Jesus son of Mary, etc..


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