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What is Cogntive Dissonance?

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I like this.  

Sounds like what democrats always do.  I have seen what I did in the past that hurt me. I  then searched for what is truly right  and what the Lord really wants of me.

And the TRUTH shall set you free.

Very touchy feely video. Can we cleanse this website of feministic drivel and introduce Muslim masculinity. If you steal in our society we cut off your hand, if you murder or do great bodily harm we will cut off your head. That is all to know, and all you need to know.

Sure it's touchy feely but it's many people feel they are accountable for their actions?  There are many that don't. This wasn't a "feminist" video... if you've heard Mark Victor Hansen speak, then you've heard this before.  In his words and how he presents it.  It's all in what and how you want to hear it.

Were you kidding about muslim masculinity and sharia law?  

I didn't write "feminist". I wrote feministic to point that soft female feelings, regardless of who voices are espouses them, lead to injustice to victims and the down fall of nations. Doubt George Washington or Andrew Jackson would think any differently.

I agree. We are now wimps and the muslims will kill us all if given an opportunity.  Until then they "lie" to the infidels. 

what's there NOT to love?  (snark)

That should lead to a kinder gentler nation and get rid of all the little pricks in our bureaucracies too.

Oh!, and dear 5War, poll one million American women and see what percentage find sex a task and unenjoyable, adulterous affairs excepted.

An "honest liar" is a "truther" on psychotherapy meds, $20 per lie per session...


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