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I had this link sent to my promotions file. Click Here to see what I'm talking about and tell us what you think of these Article V proposals.

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there is no lawful legislation since sine die. so what about the 2nd 13th the 14 et al. they are nullities.

In order to get this amendment ratified we will need two thirds of he senate and two thirds of the House to approve of the amendment. That will not happen. The members of Congress will not vote an any amendment that would reduce their stranglehold on the states and the people. While repealing the 14rh and 16th amendments is a good idea, don't forget to repeal the 17th/

Congress amends the Constitution every time they pass unconstitutional legislation. The President amends the Constitution every time he signs an Executive Order and the Supreme Court amends the Constitution every time they misinterpret the Constitution.

The only ways the Constitution can be amended are revealed in Article V of the Constitution/ We don't need to amend the Constitution, we need to enforce it.


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