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STOP PALIATIVE CARE SWINDLE AND EUTHANASIA FOR ORGAN HARVESTING AND PROMOTE STEM CELL HEALING . Stop the death panel doctors from killing your family members .Stop unessary organ harvesting for profit . 60 years ago a doctor would never consent to killing a patient ; today these moral relativist Cretans   kill   100rds . End the Communist take over of our medical institutions

i personally could use about $10k to get back into the black. Then i could get going on some ideas that i believe would help many people. A pay it forward sorta thing.

.  I am trying to connect one of your administrative person to discus on a project that designed to approach the world Elite for unification against the rise of terrorism and religious conflict.

Trust me, it is a world wide mission and someone from your listed country will come forward to adopt this mission, just after we clarify the strategy.Please contact me & give me some details & I'll send you something that will blow your mind

Looking forward for your response.

Sincerely yours
Ajay Singh


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