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On April 18, of 2015, I was arrested for exercizing my 2nd Amendment right after being threatened.  I have retained an attorney but it's eating into my retirement fund.  I'm 62 years old, partially disabled and a Vietnam era veteran as well as retired.  I started a GoFundMe campaign and it was shut down after 4 hrs.  I was cited under Va. Code 18.2-282.  The second sentence of the code is my defense.  My attorney indicates that the disposition of the charge will be solely dependent upon the mindset the Judge has about our 2nd Amendment.  If it goes against me, I'll be filing an appeal and my costs will exponentionally go up.  Any assistance towards my current legal expenses as well as potential future expenses would be most appreciated.  

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You don't need an "Attorney"; you need adequate council, who will defend your natural right to self-defense and help show you how to prosecute judges and "attorneys" for "violating Constitutional prohibitions against a denial of 'Natural' rights." That guy is currently available on our "Tabs" at the top of the page, but I will provide you with the LINK to make it easy for you to find him. His name is Randy Kelton and he hosts a radio show called Rule of Law Radio featuring the likes of Eddie Craig on transportation, the codes and Due Process. This is a good place to start. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Sorry for the delay on replying to your need. Hope this helps.


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