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Republican and Democratic politicians are birds of a feather and they do flock together.They congregate smoked filled rooms where they conspire with one another to write laws that will benefit themselves and their Wall Street cronies at the expense to the people in their Congressional Districts.

They show up in great numbers for photo opportunities when television cameras are rolling..

The politicians are like snakes, They are spineless, and cold blooded. They speak with a forked tongue and they have no  balls.

When Wall Street lobbyists are buying favors you can bet the Congressmen and women will be there to sell their votes to the highest bidders..

Republican and democratic politicians are pigs at the trough whenever Congress is in session.

A politician is someone who is a master of saying the things you want to hear when they are candidates and then do whatever they want after they get elected.

Politicians are pigs who bring home the bacon in order to buy the votes of their constituents.

Most politicians go to church on Sunday and then prey on their constituents the rest of the week.

Choosing between a candidate wearing a blue hat instead of voting for the candidate wearing a red is an exercise in futility, no matter who you choose, you lose.

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