It is a common sight to see a flock of geese or a covey of quail.

Practically every bird congregates with other birds of the same species.

I have observed that politicians like birds tend to associate with others who share the same characteristics.

Most politicians are men and women are if low character. They tend to be predators and we are their prey. In elections we get to choose which of the birds we want to devour us. We have been led to believe we get to choose the politician who  will pretend to serve us.

Choosing a candidate is like choosing to drink a beverage laced with arsenic or another one laced with cyanide. Electing a candidate wearing a blue hat over the candidate wearing the red hat is like choosing lung cancer over prostate cancer. 

Virtually every candidate is very ambitious and has a profound greed and lust for power.

Read "The Dangers of a Salaried Bureaucracy"

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