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One hundred dollars in 1913 is now worth less than four dollars.

The value of a Bitcoin in December of 2012 was $13,
today a Bitcoin has a value of over $1,100.
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I keep seeing this bitcoin post and realized that the founding fathers were against paper money. The preference was for coin and precious metals. Why is bitcoin being discussed as a viable option in a "Constitution" club environment when reverting to the gold standard or trading in silver currency would be the ideal track to return to?

If you read the Constitution carefully you will see that it mandates that the government is required to use gold and silver coins to pay their debts. You and I can use whatever we want as money. The founders would have rejected the debt based currency issued by the Federal Reserve and creation of money through fractional reserve banking.

In case you haven't noticed Congress ignores the Constitution, Using Bitcoins would be unconstitutional if the government used them to pay their debts,

I disagree with using bitcoins, as they are also fiat currency backed by nothing. If they were either gold or silver I would go for them. The creators and owners can shut them down or steal them at any time. Corrupt governments can either hack them or outlaw them if they become too big a threat. Buy Gold and silver in various denominations they are real money and will be worth far more than anything else.

Diversifying into different currencies can open the door to growth, similar to investing into a stock or commodity.  While exchanging into another currency is NOT an investment (it is an exchange), the opportunity to experience growth of a currency increasing in value opens the door to acquire other forms of money, including gold and silver, in larger quantities.

There are no "owners" of bitcoin.  It is truly a decentralized currency controlled by the people.  Here's a good video explaining bitcoins neutrality in currency wars:

The key is diversifying.


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