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Recently the former Sheriff, Richard Mack condemned Ammon Bundy for his failure to comply and cooperate with prison guards. Ammon has been held captive for 16 months without being found guilty of any crime and has been denied bail. He has been subjected to cruel and unusual punishments. He had a choice to submit to tyranny or to resist.

Are you glad the founding fathers didn't comply with King George and the British Parliament?

These men complied with tyrants and what did it get them?

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This does not surprise me as I have NEVER trusted this one.   Maybe, the good Sheriff is in need of a Constitutional Refresher Course.

While working for a Sheriff's Dept I met an inmate, a meth cook, that had been (illegally) incarcerated for 3 years without a trial.  He was being housed with the 'convicted criminals'. They let 'some of them' fall between those silly cracks if they want to.

As I understand it, the Bundy family didn't break the law.  Did they? 

That's the way I understand it.

No, they did not break the law or any laws.  The federal government broke many laws against them and the Bundy's stood their ground.  But even then , they were still illegally caged.

I say we get KrisAnne Hall to give a good lesson to Sheriff Mack.   He has forgotten what our Constitution and Bill of Rights allow us.  I agree that a really good refresher course is much needed for the Sheriff!

I agree! KrisAnne would be a great choice, or Publius Huldah.  He may need more than a refresher as I suggested earlier.


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