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Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
February 2, 2016

The Death of LaVoy Finicum

Note: Times given are referenced to the aerial time stamps, minus eight hours. Quotations are based upon the best recollection of the witnesses.

I had lunch with Ammon Bundy while the Sharp family sang.  It was the first time I had met Ammon, and we went over the articles I intended to write about the events that led up to the actions of January 2, 2016, with the investiture of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge administration complex, since renamed the Harney County Resource Center.  The subjects for the articles were the misunderstanding of the people of Burns as to what source resulted in the fear and anxiety then extant in the town of Burns, and the information available in the "public" records contained in the filing cabinets at the refuge that might show the use of subterfuge in the obtaining of land to extend the federal "ownership", not only in the Refuge, but throughout Harney County.

Ammon also indicated his pleasure for the upcoming meeting in the Grant County town of John Day, expecting to get additional support from Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer. As we discussed, it was to the backdrop of the Sharp family's vary harmonious singing.

I then visited Ryan Payne, an old friend and fellow board member of the Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) Advisory Board. Ryan, too, was looking forward to a productive meeting with the Grant County community, hoping to establish a Committee of Safety to become a voice from the disenfranchised people of that County, as they had in Harney County.

The meeting was to begin at 6:00 PM on January 26, 2016.  The drive, which in that part of the country, is a rather fixed route.  From the Refuge, you go west on Sodhouse Lane to State Road 208, then North into Burns where you pick up US 395 North, through Malheur National Forest, through Seneca, and finally to John Day. The trip is just over 130 miles and is, unquestionably, the only practical way between the two locations.

Vehicle #1, the lead vehicle, LaVoy's white 4-door pickup truck, contained Robert "LaVoy" Finicum driving, Ryan Payne at shotgun, and, from driver's side to passenger side in the back seat, Ryan Bundy, Victoria Sharp, and Shawna Cox.

Vehicle #2 contained Mark McConnell, driving his brown 4-door Jeep, with Brian "Budda" Cavalier at shotgun and Ammon Bundy in the rear.

This was the position of all of the people as they left the HCRC, and the position of each until they left their respective vehicles. Thus, they began their 33-mile drive to Burns, which resulted in an unexpected and tragic termination.

After leaving Burns, they traveled up US 395 about 15 miles north of the intersection with US 20. As they passed National Forest Road 2820 (NF 2820) on their right, they noticed a line of trucks and other vehicles stacked up to enter US 395. There were at least eight vehicles, rather odd for the middle of a forest. This was about 4:25 PM, and about an hour out from their destination.

Once those vehicles turned north, the same direction they were traveling, it dawned on them that this might just not be a coincidence. However, optimistically, they continued on their way.

Less than a minute later, Vehicle #2 pulled over in response to flashing lights and sirens. Those who pulled over Vehicle #2 identified themselves as FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) with a loudspeaker. They then instructed the driver to exit the vehicle and walk toward them, hands on his head. He approached them, he was instructed to lie on the ground, head away from them, and "low-crawl" back to them, where they disarmed him, cuffed him and patted him down.  The same procedure was then addressed to the man in the back seat (Ammon), and finally to the man in the front seat (Budda), until all three were "secured".  All three acted without resisting, and fully compliant with the instructions given.  They were then placed on the ground with their backs against one of the FBI vehicles, where they remained until after those from Vehicle #1 were finally returned to that area. Ammon's hat and briefcase were still in the Jeep when it was recovered from impound,two days later

Vehicle #1, realizing that Vehicle #2 was no longer behind them, and not wanting to separate from and abandon their friends, slowed to a stop just beyond NF 31, about 3/4 mile from where the ambush began. They were followed by two FBI vehicles that stopped about 40 feet behind them. Ryan Payne then stuck his hands and head out of the passenger side window and a single shot was fired, striking the truck near the outside rear-view mirror.

The first shot having been fired, Ryan's concern was for the women who were well within that line of fire. He exited the truck, hands held about shoulder level, and yelled, "There are women in here". Seeing the number of guns pointed at him, when the command was given, "hands on your head. Walk toward us", he complied. He was then searched, handcuffed, and taken back to where the three from Vehicle #2 were detained, a few hundred yards behind Vehicle #1.

After Ryan left the vehicle, LaVoy, seeing laser dots around him, and the observers in the back seat seeing a laser dot directly on LaVoy's hat, he sticks his head and one hand out the window and yells, "Go ahead and shoot me." He follows that with, "We are going to meet with the Sheriff [Palmer of Grant County]. We have a meeting with the Sheriff. You are going to have to shoot me. We are going to see the Sheriff. We are going to see the Sheriff."

LaVoy then turned to the remaining occupants and said, "We are going to see the Sheriff. If you girls want to get out, then you can." Victoria then replied, "I am not getting out." She was terrified because Ryan had been shot at.

Shawna, a grandmother herself, was not going to leave a little girl by herself, opted to go with the flow. So, the three in the back seat slid down, knees against the back of the front seat, getting their heads as low as possible. In the forest, there was no cell phone service, so efforts to call out were futile. Shawna, however, had her phone video camera on and was filming these events, as they happened.

At 4:33:47 PM, LaVoy accelerates and the chase was on. Shawna then asked how far they would make it before the tires would be shot out. Receiving no answer, she asked, "How far is it to John Day?"  LaVoy replied, "Fifty miles."

Just over a mile up the road, at the end of a left sweeping curve, three vehicles block the roadway. The roadside has a snow bank about 2-3 feet high. After just about 1 minute of flight, hoping to get to Sheriff Palmer at John Day, their hopes decelerate as rapidly as LaVoy's truck before it turns slightly to the left and plows through the snow. As an agent runs into the path of the truck, LaVoy swerves further to the left, probably to avoid injuring the agent. The truck comes to its final rest. Although past the vehicles blocking the road to John Day, the failed momentum of LaVoy's efforts to reach sanctuary with Sheriff Palmer.

Unknown to those in the truck, and those back down the road, an effort was made to warn them of what was to come.

Victoria and Shawna were last minute passengers in Vehicle #1 because Victoria was late in preparing for the trip to John Day. Her family had left more than ten minutes ahead of LaVoy, in that they were scheduled to sing at the Community Meeting, the destination of all.

When the Sharp family passed the checkpoint at Seneca, they tried to contact those behind them, but cell reception was non-existent where these events were unfolding. Any chance to forewarn them of what they might expect was not able to be conveyed.

Within seconds, LaVoy is out of the truck, hands raised, and observing where the agents are, walks widely away from the truck and towards its rear to assure that if gunfire begins, that the truck and those inside of it are not in the line of fire.

The rear seat occupants slowly rise, after LaVoy exits. They are still trying to stay low, but also to observe, as best they can, what is occurring outside of the vehicle. They see LaVoy, hands in the air, trying to negotiate deep snow and probably uneven ground, stumbling, occasionally, probably because he was wearing his narrow cowboy boots.

LaVoy then, probably still attempting to remove the threat from those still in the vehicle, yells, "Shoot me, just go ahead and shoot me." As he is being shot, he turns back towards his friends, still in the truck, as if in a final good-bye. Just 13 seconds after LaVoy left the truck, he falls to the ground, dead. However, his arm does move, slightly, after he lay on the ground, perhaps as a last gesture to those still inside, perhaps a reflexive reaction.

Note: Second person information from one of the witnesses, indicates that LaVoy was shot in the back, three times; one shot hit his kidneys, one pierced his heart, and the third -----

There is no reason to believe that he was shot in the face, only in the body-mass.

Those inside are terrified; they see that LaVoy is shot, while unarmed.In reflection, if soldiers (or Marines) in Afghanistan, had acted as the agents and shot an unarmed man, without provocation, would have violated the Rules of Engagement (ROE) of war, and would have stood Court Martial, then probably imprisoned or discharged from service. Unfortunately, the ROE do not apply here, in our own "free" country.

At the same time that the gunfire was directed at LaVoy, by two agents clearly aiming at him, those inside of the truck begin seeing laser dots, perhaps thirty or forty at any given time, and Ryan Bundy is shot in the shoulder. Bullets begin to pierce the truck; windows break, impacted by bullets. All hell breaks loose as perhaps hundreds of bullets penetrate the vehicle or hit the snow, outside, sending clouds of snow into the air. All of the windows had been broken by gunfire, which was described as "coming from every direction".

Ryan and Victoria had gotten on their knees, ducking as low as they could while Shawna remained in the previously described position. They began to wonder if the gunfire would ever stop, and that eventually they, too, would be killed by the agents.

Laser dots were appearing on knees, seats, all over, inside of the truck and they realized that other agents had come out from behind trees on the left side, and perhaps the right side of the road, firing randomly into the truck and surrounding area. Whether through the grace of God, or simply poor marksmanship, after nearly six minutes, those inside began yelling, "Stop, stop". Then, gunfire, flash-bang grenades, and tear gas projectiles, ceased.

During this ordeal, Victoria, who had, just finished EMT school, said, "They shot him. I want to help him", though she was restrained from doing so by Ryan and Shawna. At eighteen years of age, gentle Victoria had seen war come to her own country.

The right side of the truck had plowed snow, so the occupants were told to exit the left door, Ryan Bundy, being first, walks, with hands up, onto the paved roadway and is secured. Next comes Victoria, and finally, Shawna. With no female agents present, Shawna watched very closely as an agent simply ran his fingers around Victoria's waistband of her pants.

The three were then detained, but allowed to lean against a van, in an effort to stay warm, as opposed to those from Vehicle #2, where they were forced to sit on the cold ground.

After a while, Shawna and Victoria were loaded in a van (not sure of the vehicle type) and driven back to pick up Payne, McConnell, Ammon and Budda. Ryan Bundy was transported by ambulance back to Burns.

They were detained at that location for what seemed like hours. Ryan Payne, after learning of LaVoy's death, berated the forty, or so, agents, calling them murderers and that they had blood on their hands -- something that those who took over the refuge had attempted to avoid, since January 2. However, those who had constantly expressed a desire for a "peaceful resolution" had, finally, drawn first blood in a contemptible act against American citizens, thereby proving the assertions made by Ammon Bundy throughout the course of the occupation of the refuge.

Victoria was extremely upset and constantly expressing her outrage over what the government had done. Mark McConnell, surely upset himself, took it out on Victoria, for her vocal expressions, until quieted by the others.

Somehow Ammon, when searched, managed to sneak his cell phone past the pat down, and as they drove towards Burns, the interior lights of the vehicle being left on, was able to call his wife, Lisa, and began telling her what had happened, including the first outside knowledge of LaVoy's death. As they approached Burns, the interior lights were turned off, probably so that those on the street could not see who the occupants were.; The glow from the phone face now showing brightly on Ammon's face. They then stopped, pulled them out of the vehicle and found the cell phone.

Next stop was the hospital to check on Ryan Bundy, who still had a bullet in his shoulder, then on to a rest area west of Burns, where everybody was removed. About the same time, Ryan Bundy was also delivered to the rest area.

All were given their Miranda Rights, and it is unknown whether anybody answered any subsequent questions. They were then advised that they were being charged with "conspiracy to impede officers". The document, the Criminal Complaint, must have been prepared after the arrests were made. A nefarious practice, and probably illegal even by the standards of justice that were intended by the "due process" concept of law. This is abundantly clear by the fact that "Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum" is not listed on the Complaint, for if it were prepared before the arrests were made, his name most surely would have been included, unless they had already intended to kill him. More logically, the Criminal Complaint, a requisite for this type of arrest, was prepared after the FBI Special Agent, Katherine Armstrong, signed the Complaint, and Stacie F. Beckerman, U. S. Magistrate, signed the document, purportedly in Portland, some 300 miles away by road.  Certainly, not what we should expect from our government.

Finally, all were together, though, then, each was placed in a separate vehicle for transport to their final destinations. Two vehicles transported Mark McConnell and Victoria Sharp back to Burns, where they were released. The remainder went in the opposite direction, presumably directly to Multnomah County Jail.

As far as firearms, one witness said that LaVoy had a 9-mm in his shoulder holster, well under his armpit, and there is no indication that he reached high enough or deep enough under his jacket to even get his hand close to it. With the exception of Shawna and Victoria, all were probably armed, as was the practice. Ryan Bundy appears to have dropped his firearm into the snow as he exited the vehicle. Mark McConnell had his taken when he was "apprehended" at the first stop. LaVoy's well recognized revolver was left beside the seat when he exited Vehicle #1 to draw fire away from the remaining occupants of that vehicle.

This article can be found on line at Burns Chronicles No 2 - Ambush

Gary Hunt

An American, without apology; and one who can think of no other time and place, in history, that I would rather be alive.

And here are his thoughts in his own words so you know who he was and what he believed.

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This was a complete setup to execute this man and try to put fear into others. A public killing endorsed by the Obama administration. The men who pulled the trigger should face a court of law with the same outcome. The oath they took means absolutely nothing if they are willing to murder.


Reports have it the murderers were mercenaries of the IMF . I wonder why McConnell was released ?

Although I originally had mixed feelings about the occupation, since it originally was tied to the Hammond incident, and I wasn't sure of the connection, I am completely behind our Patriots, who have given so much for their rightful beliefs.  I'm ashamed, again, of the actions of this government against the people of these United States.  Hopefully the real truth behind the governments actions will be heard in a Court of Law, with the people judging them for their obscene actions.  May God please protect all of these Patriots, who have put themselves in harms way, in our Republic.  My flag has flown upside down for the past 5 years, expressing the shame and harm that our Republic has, and still is, being subjected to from the enemy within.  I pray for my own courage such as the like of these brave men and women, and wish that when the time comes, I will be able to stand up against this evil, for I know it is only a matter of time.

You may not know it, but you just enlisted.

Semper Fidelis Marine.

I'm a little confused, so I may not get this out right. The first question one needs to ask about their self, Are you an American or a Communist? The Communist takeover was done by Roosevelt and managed by the BAR Association. This is proven through congressional debates during the 50's after the 1950 report on the Lawyers Guild.

If you are an American, it is our duty to our fellow man to stand up as Americans. This is our country, we ordained and established the law of the land by establishing the free and independent state governments to defend and benefit the rights of the people. I believe this is the only mandate given to our American Government system. All public officials and employees must take an oath to support and defend the constitution of their state and the United States of America.

The Constitutions start with the preamble of establishing the order and the Article I defines the enumerated rights government servants must uphold and protect the people's freedoms and liberties. IN this Article I is the due process of law all government officials and employees must operate by.

The people are plainly shown in the preamble that we authorize the government according to the 1st law of America which is the Declaration of Independence. Within the Article I rights the public servants are instructed that the ultimate authority of the government is the people. The government servants has no authority to rule over the people but though due process of law established in the guideline.

The Government servants are not allowed to make any arrests without a warrant from a grand jury and someone must bring a claim by affidavit of a crime or someone who has trespassed the upon the rights of the people. This is it, there is no other process in the law of the land.

This country has been hijacked by communist ideals created by the Khazarian Mafia that has been around for centuries and have been the authors fo the communist manifesto procedures that Roosevelt flipped this nation into by fraud. The states were taken over by the BAR Associations to follow Roosevelt’s new Democracy. Most people was propagandized to sell their souls to the satanist (Khazarian Mafia) for immediate desires for the usury the freely printed from thin air. Remember the American money was stolen from the people when you read the congressional report of McFadden.

To bring this forward, Are you an American or a Communist? Americans (The Real Man or Woman) have the authority of the constitutional law of the land which is in enforce today by oath and affirmation of the public servants. The Communists are operating in fraud by illegal construction of private corporation all managed and maintained by the BAR Association. This is the illusion and a war against America well crafted and designed and indoctrinated in our schools and colleges, and promoted throughout our main stream media and entertainment system.

Again are you an American or a communist? We can continue to talk and talk for our entertainment about the murder of Lavoy. Are there any Americans willing to standup and  bring a claim to the sheriff of the crime for him to take to a real grand jury for investigation and when a crime is evidenced, warrants are produced against real men who commit a crime of murder and summonsed before a common law court and trial by jury to judge the crime of guilt or innocent. If the Sheriff does not do his job according to his oath as the law enforcement of the constitutions, We the People must assemble and remove the sheriff for violation of his oath and elect a sheriff who will do his job. This takes understanding of how we got the Declaration of Independence and achieved it by the authority of the Magna Carta.

My point is that Americans need to stand up and enforce the law of the land and demand prosecution under the constitution and bring criminals to a trail by jury. And while we are at it is bring a Habeas Corpus to get the others out of their prison for false arrest.

Let's not leave out the Rothschilds, the international bankers and the Vatican.

As far as who is the final authority on right from wrong, I would refer you to the 9th and 10th Amendments, and I qoute:

Amendment IX

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to DENY or DISPARAGE other retained by THE PEOPLE."

Amendment X

"The powers not delegated (by whom?) to the United States (this means the federal government) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to THE PEOPLE."

Do you see it? This is where those rights are truly written for all to see. THE PEOPLE is who has the rights. NOT THE BLM!

...Gary...well documented & saved & shared all over social media I hope & pray.

I posted in my L.A. County group on Keith's site here formal invitations to FREEDOM/FINICUM rallies 3/5/16.

However, since you are at the top of the Leader Board, I thought sharing the fact that 3/5/16 is a NATIONWIDE FREEDOM/FINICUM RALLY taking place for the most part at Capitol Buildings nationwide at the same or similar time (early AM - 4 PM 3/5/16).

Hello fellow American patriots, freedom fighters, & constitutional club members. I just joined yesterday & wanted to post an urgent message to encourage all of you with what involves rallies & educational events for FREEDOM focusing also on justice for the LaVoy Finicum (AZ) loved ones & Hammond Family (OR) loved ones & Cliven Bundy (NV) Clan that are either now dead (LaVoy was assassinated by 3 ARMED AGENTS/ASSASSINS some say were OR State Troopers and others say paramilitary or U.N. posing as FBI or some other law enforcement agents...IDK & the 3 Bundys are about to be sentenced to about 5-40 years in jail for doing nothing except exercising their God-given & American rights to peacefully assemble & protest & petition for redress of grievances & defend their private property from rogue BLM land-grabbing butchers, bullies, & burners who are seizing land all over out west in violation of Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 17 on Obama's tyrannical watch). I hope to become friends on FB, too. That's where I found out about the 3/5/16 "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Rally III" taking place simultaneously all over this country, including Riverside (event/rally I plan on attending Sat., March 5th), L.A., Bakersfield, San Diego, and Sacramento.

Here are the specifics for the Sat., March 5th simultaneous sundry events/rallies I hope you can attend or participate in, too.

1. Riverside  = CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE George E. Brown, Jr. Federal Building and United States Courthouse
3470 Twelfth Street Riverside, CA 92501-3801
March 5th Start time is 10am till whenever we are done. The plan is to meet in front of the courthouse and then March in a group while obeying traffic laws from the courthouse to a nearby overpass and then back to the courthouse in a continuous loop. contact Bryan Bitterman for details

Comment by Michael 1 hour ago
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2. L.A. = "Location 11000 Wilshire Blvd in front of the federal building 10 am - 1pm. Bring signs , flags and most important your knowledge so we can educate. I figure we can stay on the sidewalk right in front of the building. There is lots of paid parking spot close by so make sure you bring money for that. Short and to the point signs so people will won't to ask question. There is a petition we are asked to have for people to sign by the Finicum family . I will make sure we have that." Erik Cryder = coordinator

Comment by Michael 1 hour ago
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3.  San Diego = "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Rally

MARCH 5th 10am-2pm PST

@ Tuna Harbor Park (near the USS Midway Museum)

March from the park to the Hall Of Justice @ 330 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101 if you wish but please be careful, respectful, and abide by all protest laws (i.e. Using crosswalks, staying on the sidewalks, and not impeding pedestrian or vehicle traffic)

Tell your friends and bring your flags and signs. This is a PEACEFUL rally showing our support for / standing with the Bundy family, Finicum family, and all the other patriots wrongly imprisoned such as those who participated up in Oregon. This is a rally calling attention to the wrongful murder of LaVoy Finicum, about our rights as Americans and the injustices of our Government. Please join me! Contact me, Mario A. DiNunzio if needed. Hope to get a good turnout and see you all there!

***Check weather beforehand so you know how to dress and if you will need an umbrella (thanks El Niño lol)*** "

Comment by Michael 1 hour ago
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4. Bakersfield = "Patti West & Hosted by Timothy Powers

as we all know is a large state. We will be planning on have a few rallys. We would like to get an idea of the areas of those willing to be in charge of their area. Myself and co is Samantha Dalrymple The rally is for March 5th. Time will be from 12 to 4. Please contact us and give us the area and info please. Bring flags, signs and as many voices as you can. (The RALLY WILL BE HELD AT THE BLM OFFICE AT 3801 PEGASUS DRIVE BAKERSFIELD CA. 93308.This is for Bakersfield. Look thro

ugh the feed for other areas in Ca. Where many more are going to be held.

I need people to represent all through California. If you are interested please pm me or let me know on the feed. Its not hard and LaVoy needs us to stand up for him. Please if you can help we need you. ALL that are being jailed and not having their day in court need us to speak up for them LOUD AND CLEAR!

Please join us at the Bakersfield BLM office along with other patriots at similar rallies across California and the nation, for a PEACFUL rally to show support for fallen American Patriot LaVoy Finicum, for Cliven, Ammon and Ryan Bundy and for all the other Patriots that are wrongfully imprisoned for having stood Constitutionally against tyranny in these past weeks/months.

It's time that we stand UNITED as FREE People that will not be murdered or falsely and/or injustly imprisioned, lied to, or stolen from by federal or state governments that have lost their moral compass, and refuse to abide by the Constitution of the United States.

WE THE PEOPLE must continue to excercise our 1st Amendment rights to guarantee we preserve all the other rights we are entitled to by God and our founding doctrines. We are all called to carry on the message that LaVoy gave his life for. That message is "Freedom Over Tyranny". Please talk to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. and come out in large numbes to support freedom and stand against tryanny with your fellow countrymen. United we stand! Divided we fall!

Bureau of Land Management
Bakersfield, California 93308

5. Sacramento = Saturday, March 5   at 12 PM

"Meet at the North side of the Capital building on Lst and 11th st. Bring your flags and spread the word!

Please join us at the state houses of your states' capital city for a PEACEFUL rally to show support for fallen American Patriot LaVoy Finicum, for Cliven, Ammon and Ryan Bundy and for all the other Patriots that are wrongfully imprisoned for having stood Constitutionally against tyranny in these past weeks/months.

It's time that we stand UNITED as FREE People that will not be murdered or falsely and/or injustly imprisioned, lied to, or stolen from by federal or state governments that have lost their moral compass, and refuse to abide by the Constitution of the United States.

WE THE PEOPLE must continue to excercise our 1st Amendment rights to guarantee we preserve all the other rights we are entitled to by God and our founding doctrines. We are all called to carry on the message that LaVoy gave his life for. That message is "Freedom Over Tyranny". Please talk to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. and come out in large numbes to support freedom and stand against tryanny with your fellow countrymen. United we stand! Divided we fall!"

Sacramento State Capitol

1315 10th Street, Sacramento, California 95814
Please let me know if you plan on going to any of these, esp. in Riverside, as I am planning on going to Riverside rally 3/5/16. TY

Of course there are rallies on Sat., March 5th (next month) all over our country in almost all the continental states, but I just posted what I shared for CA (My state) in my L.A. County Group.

You can find which rally is closest to you in your state on Facebook under the title, "Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Rally III"

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.  May God loose LIBERTY against tyranny.

Justice for LaVoy & freedom for the Bundys & Hammonds et al as political prisoners now is a must.


Will Trump act to remedy this tyranny and prosecute these cretins ? In the last year OR SO we have witnessed the Burns tragedy ; Benghazi  massacre and the Scalia assassination , which I think of as JFK 2 ; will Trump bring those responsible to justice ?

Let's hope Sessions is the pit bull we need to put some teeth in the AG's job .

Let's hope Trump understands how many Oathkeepers and American state national there are who are fed up with the tyranny of the NWO agents in our country .

Let's hope our LEO's who are being paid out of the public trust understand they serve the people first ; those Federal bureaucrats running the show are British agents holding office fraudulently and have no more authority than the manager of a Mc Donald's . Fraud vitiates all . And minus an oath and a personal bond , LEO's are also lawless .


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