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In order to dominate the world, the financial elite have very cleverly deceived nearly everyone on the planet. In order to exploit the masses, Bankers control what the people believe. For them to enslave the people they must do so without the people's awareness of what is being done to them.Johannes Goethe is absolutely correct in his observation that: "No man is more hopelessly enslaved than the man who falsely believes he is free"

A man who thinks he is free is significantly more productive and easier to control than a man who knows he is a slave.To convince a slave that he is free is best accomplished by controlling the media and the schools.Schools that indoctrinate our children and a media that misinforms the public are useful tools in the hands of the financial elite.

Because of our collective apathy we have become debt slaves in a land that once was free.John Adams observed "There are two ways to enslave a nation, first with the sword and second, with debt."Lawyers representing the financial institutions write laws that are presented to Congress for their approval.

Sadly, those who we have elected to serve us take their marching orders from   bankers and ignore the will of the people.They would have us to believe that this is just a coincidence. Every bill introduced in Congress benefits the financial elite. Anyone with a functioning brain realizes the bankers are using the money we pay in taxes to make us their debt slaves.

This diabolic cartel of international criminals will continue to thrive as long as we allow it. We are like the hosts who supply the blood to the blood sucking Banksters, who will continue sucking it out until its gone.We can sit back and wait until we have been bled dry, or we can refuse to allow the parasitic bankers to feast on the fruits of our labor.Please click on the "Like" button and then share this post on Twitter and Facebook with your friends neighbors and countrymen.

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There is a reason our schools do not teach how The Federal Reserve (a private corporation of international bankers) creates currency out of thin air, making every dollar a "Reserve Note", to be loaned out through member banks to generate interest. The interest on the National Debt equals the amount the IRS collects from wages and this Ponzi Scheme benefits mostly those at the very top, at the expense of all of us that pay taxes. We are in fact, indentured servants, well on the road to outright slavery! Don't expect Trump to tackle "The Fraudulent Reserve"!

We do have an advantage, that is, if we chose to exercise it. The advantage is that, under international law, whenever they disparage our rights, they are required to give remedy. They don't have to tell us what the remedy is or where to find it, but it must be available---and it is, usually quite well concealed. 

A prime example is under the IRS Codes. At 6013(g) they tell us, if you can decipher the obfuscation, that we have made an election to be treated as a Resident Alien, U.S. citizen, Individual, Taxpayer with a duty to file and pay income taxes. All the diatribe regarding being married to a non-resident alien is nothing more than rhetoric to make us think "That doesn't apply to me". Aren't we all non-resident aliens to the municipal jurisdiction of Washington, DC? Under that section of private law they also tell us that we can make an election to rescind our previous election but only for the previous year and it must be done before April 15th of the year after the year for which we are rescinding. They don't tell us what legal or lawful reason we have to state for such revocation, however, "mistake" of filing and signing under penalty of perjury that first form 1040 should be ample to dispel any questions. Mistakes are always correctable.

If you want to stop the bleeding then quit opening yourself to the bloodsuckers.

By the way, I noticed that you have referred to me as DANIEL ALLAN PENDERGAST above-right. I'm sorry but that person has never learned to type.

I always call you DAP. Or Dan. Or even Dapper Dan. Either way you are correct, but it might be too late for that sort of remedy.

Why do you propose that the remedy I referred to might be obsolete? It is in their code. Just because I used in in 1992 to resolve my problems with the vultures, why wouldn't it work today?

There is a website [Weiss & assoc.] that claims they will do the process for you. I think they are out of the UK and charge around $650 to do the whole thing for you. This sounds like a fairly easy solution for those who don't understand how to do it for themselves.

Another method would be to do all your commercial activities through trusts. Obtain an EIN for the trust for banking purposes and just don't file any tax forms in regard to trust operations. I don't think obtaining a TIN or an EIN is the requisite for pulling one [or a trust] into the realm of Taxpayer, U.S. person, etc. It seems that the act of filing that first tax form and signing under penalty of perjury is what gives them jurisdiction.

I didn't say obsolete. I said it might be too late in the game at this juncture to employ a peaceful solution such as that.
See attached photo for my challenge to Charles Payne of Fox Business News to cover the FED monetization of the debt with the upcoming Feb 15 quarterly re-funding. He replied that FED officials are retiring and leaving.

Ok we know that.

What the hell do WE THE PEOPLE DO?

You stand, they shoot.

You yell, they hit you.

You make waves, they blow your brains out.

John Lennon, JFK. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. The f'ing list goes on.

Let's not forget that rich guy who was murdered and the cops of w c. wont say a thing. TELL me.


Yelling and stomping your feet won't make you any freer. Study and perseverance are what counts in this game. Once you know the truth you won't be one iota freer if you can't muster the courage to take a stand. I have 2 personal acquaintances who have been killed for standing up to the system. They felt it was better to go out that way than live the life of a coward who is afraid to speak out. This is the way it has always been no matter what you gathered from the your stint in the public fool system.

Sorry Glen, but we're in the same shit storm that Patrick Henry endured and they are employing the same tactics to keep the people as dumbed down and docile as possible. Blowing someone's brains out, blowing up their airplane, suiciding, Boston brakes,and many other forms of shutting people up are standard operating procedures for these criminals. Like Kermit says "It ain't easy being green".

Abe Lincoln issued 'greenbacks'- He got 'capped' in Ford theatre by what same say was a 'Jesuit'.

Andrew Jackson called them 'A den of vipers to be rooted out'. 2 pistols misfired we are told.

jFk ISSUED EO11110 and printed silver certificates, We all know what happened to him in Dallas 11-22-63.

Messing with the Rothschields and the Rothschield Khazarian mafia (RKM) isn't healthy.(:-

That kind of thing is straight up gangster though, Don.

Mafia, RICO. Are you saying our "government" has been hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia??

Say it ain't so!


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