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Apparently there is a great interest in making sure we DO NOT have any kind of complete restructuring of our current system with the likes of a Convention to introduce new amendments for the purposes previously stated. I feel, however accurate it may or may not be, that our time is running short.

If we do not get the word out and begin to help each other and teach the young what we know, then our system of Constitutional Republicanism, weak though it be right now, will be lost to the ash heap of history along with all the other “Empires” that have come before us. To say it is time to “Stand together or hang apart” would be too trite for the reality that faces us today.

I have stated it for years that the worst scenario that we could imagine would be if Obama could find a way to STAY President/Dictator beyond his limited “service”. Now it appears that I was closer to the truth than I wanted to be.

Like Raum Emanuel said. “You never want to waste a good crisis, because it allows you to make changes you would not otherwise be able to accomplish.”

Van Jones said from the “bottom up and the top down” is the only way to make “real change”.

Obama said, we are on the precipice of a “fundamental change” in America.

The kind of change these people want is the kind that puts them in permanent “Residency” at the top. They DO NOT NEED a Con-Con to do what they want. All they need to do is get us fighting each other at the “bottom” to the point where CHAOS reigns and there is no consensus or viable solution. Then they can swoop in with extra-constitutional remedies under the “Doctrine of Emergency” to make laws from the “top down” similar to “Martial Law”.

Some here have said we are free by birth, others have said by consent. We have also said we do not need to amend the Articles at the same time we have said we do not even need the Constitution to be Citizens, because by birth, location or gift from God we are already free.

Unfortunately, as a group, we are in the midst of suffering the “death of a thousand slices”. Over time, even the greatest of Empires has fallen when divided into splinter groups. It is the same story, over and over. Corruption at the highest levels of government, oppression of religion and free thought in the general masses, Armies spread too thin around the “Empire”; malfeasance and evil running the “show”. This is repeated again and again throughout history and yet it seems that we humans never learn; not even from our most serious mistakes.

We are the proverbial “Dog chasing its own tail” and this is getting us nowhere. It is time to unite. There is no more time left to debate what is coming. OAS will do what they will do. We here at the CC will NOT be able to change that. It is up to us, however to be leaders in our LOCAL COMMUNITIES.

Teach the ignorant, guide the blind, learn to protect and “DECLARE” your INDIVIDUAL Sovereignty and teach others to do the same. As a note let me say that I do not think that we should endeavor to preserve our obviously corrupted system, for preservation's sake alone, but as others have said before me, it is the best thing we've got going right now. Let’s not trash it until we know we can accomplish something better.

But most of all, at least here at the CC, we had all better “hang together or we will surely hang apart”.

Semper Fidelis and Molon Labe to ALL!

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the article is not referring to the general public. It is referring to the fools who put Obama in. Even if you voted for Obama, your vote counts for nothing, and that is part of what society doesn't comprehend. Society voted in the fools who voted for the lead fool. That article is referring to the corporate fools in DC who voted Obama in. It is not referring to the general public.

The system now in power will not be changed from within. To restore the Constitutional form of government is to restore the original jurisdiction states of the Union. These seats are dormant now.

Marvin Paul

No, they are not dormant!! We re-inhabited them on 20 November 2010.

Go to I keep telling People, but I can't reach everybody at once.

Hey Wayne , I was one of the 5 from NJ to sign that document that went to the Hague ; we just got it in by the skin of our teeth . Never met Ellie or any of the others . It felt great to get recognized . Just backing up what you said .

YAHOOOOOOOOOO, I didn't know you were one of us!! YAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Another thought just came to me. There are a lot of groups trying to make positive change, and a lot of People in those many groups. I am very grateful for all of us Patriots who are pulling together, regardless what group we may individually be in. I think we would all have more power if we were all united under one umbrella, but I am very grateful for the collective effort we are all making. Imagine what another 5 - 10 years will bring!

If we have that long it will be great ; the DC criminals are getting very twitchy ; I smell a rat , Obama's appointing 'his' people in charge of our units in Afghanistan ; somehow their missions get screwed up and as a result we've lost over 1000 people last month alone .

Somebody get a rope !

And you'll love this , that plane we've been hearing so much about was loaded with 4000#'s of gold headed for China ; Obama and friends sent it , lost it and will collect on the insurance . Kind of like the WTT/911 . Who cares about a few dead passengers ? Don't worry China's still gonna get their cut and the dollar will last a little longer ..

We don't have that long. Point being, it will be over with by then, and we will be able to live in peace.

The plan has been for years to have our military out of this country, since the bulk of them will not come against their own country, so other foreign troops can come in and take us over, while our military is out of this country.

Beware, many Americans continue to labor under the false belief that a con con is a legitimate method of making required and necessary changes to the constitution and our law. Unfortunately it is nothing of the sort in this era of deceit, under the current regime it is instead but a Trojan Horse within our midst set to betray us and sever the last threads that tie America to the rule of law and the founding concepts of a Constitutional Republic. Make no mistake about it, this administration will seek every opportunity to achieve its ends, that includes capitalizing on any crisis that might further its nefarious ends. The possibility exists that should a constitutional convention be initiated we might suddenly find ourselves under an arbitrary dictatorial rule with the constitution having been shredded. It was not by mere chance or happenstance that the crafters of the constitution chose to include as a part of the constitution, the Bill of Rights and specifically, the Second Amendment. Should there be any doubt regarding that premise may I refer you to the Declaration of Independence.

It is sad to realize into re vamping and re booting this Constitutional Republic but we need to address the fact that there is a second constitution written by a few words changing into a corporate entity and a price tag put on to the American citizens, under the Lincoln administration 43rd congress 1871 feel free to research this and be your own guide this needs to come out viraly and out in the open...


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