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There is a hidden agenda; a set of pre-planned alliances, a shadow government, a Deep-state conspiracy beyond belief, a group of very wealthy and powerful men and women, meeting in secret, to establish a One World Order. It starts on an economic scale and escalates from there, to total control of everything we say and do. We have said it before and we tell the story again. These people, hiding in the shadows, want to enslave us by controlling our thoughts and our minds. We must not allow this to occur.

The majority of our fellow Americans, are dumbed-down and kept unaware. They are much easier to control than those who are wide wake and can see the light. A well educated and well regulated, fully self-capable and morally upright American Militia-man being necessary to the security of a free state, this is the EXACT kind of thing that would make them very nervous. A well informed public.

I know I'm repeating myself, but if you've been here long enough to know that, then you've seen the articles; you've seen the graph of the "Bilderberg" Meetings and the logos of the world-wide companies that attend these meetings. Just look up the net worth of all of the CEO's of these companies and then ask yourself why would these people need to meet all the time like they do. In secret, too. The answer will have a dollar sign in front of it and a LOT of zero's. By the way, here's their names.

So don't ask why; it's the same old why;

"follow the money and you will find the root of the evil tree."

So if you need a reminder, here is that graph:

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Center for Self Governance can unzip the mind to what can be an effective dose of reality as to how a real republic is to operate.


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