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On August 30th, I posted an article on my Facebook timeline regarding the United Nation's plan to take over America during periods of civil unrest... unrest AntiFa and other leftist groups have and will cause with violence and inflammatory rhetoric. Virtually all of the comments claimed that war would ensue and there would be open season on blue helmets throughout the land.

I have learned to take the bravado of the American people on Facebook and elsewhere with a huge grain of salt, so has the District of Columbia. If principled Americans such as Gordon Kahl can be brutally murdered for speaking out about the IRS, set up and family murdered like the Weaver family in Idaho, and dozens tortured and murdered over the course of two months ON TELEVISION at Waco, Texas.... what makes you or the oligarchy think you'll do shit over the UN?

For decades, the United States, Inc. has probed the boundaries of what Americans will tolerate and pretty much discovered that there is NOTHING Americans consider worth fighting for except when ordered to by their masters and paid to do it. Even the American military obeyed orders to confiscate the arms of the victims of Katrina in an American city... so what makes you think the UN or Washington will do anything but laugh at your bravado today?

If you'll allow "government" to murder dozens of men, women, and children in their church in Texas, you'll go along with anything your masters desire.

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