Individually our voices are not being heard by those whom we have elected to serve us. If the patriot bloggers and radio show hosts come together we can do collectively what we have been unable to do individually.

I would like every patriot blogger and radio show host to join the Spokesmen and Women for Liberty news network on the Constitution Club.

If you are a blogger, a radio host or have a website and you would like to promote some solutions, please call me Keith Broaders at 951-260-7711. I will help by sharing your blog, radio show or website with the members of the Constitution Club. Please share this information with other liberty minded individuals.

We will have a section on the website listing independent radio shows all across America and we will promote your blogs and videos.

Even a hungry lion cannot eat an elephant all by himself, but an army of ants can get the job done in a short time. Join the army of ants today!

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