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eorganization of the State if California

Instead of having one State of California with a population of 40 million we should have two separate states each with a population of 20 million.
Currently Californians are represented by one assemblyman for every 500,000 and in the new model both states assemblyies would be have 400 seats
In 1954 the state had a population of around 400,000 people who were represented by 80 assemblymen and todya California has a population of nearly 40 million, but is still be represented by just 80 representatives in our state assembly.
One of the California states should consitts of predominately urban areas while the other state should consist of the predominately rural areas.
Both states would cooperate with one ano, but would each wouild by their own Constitutiona. The urban capitol of California would be located in Los Amgeles County and the rural capitol of the state of New California would be lcoated in Fresno Coumty.

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california is most likely a big waste of time on the part of conservative Americans as they usually led the way to more and more socialistic attitudes.

I would like  to see a map of this division. Fresno does not seem to be a representative area for the rural? 

Thank you shipwreck.  I don't get the reasoning behind the design, could you give me a little background on the criteria for deciding where the split would go?  San Benito County is considered to be rural.  I don't think many around here wants to be hooked to LA. Well in all honesty I don't want to be hooked to SF either. That is why I would like to understand.

Please don't miss understand my questioning to be criticism.

Thanks, Linda


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