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This is it folks. There's no looking back now, as far as I'm concerned. 

"They" have just said, "I'm just doing my job." Sound familiar?

Yea, It's exactly what the Nazi military firing squads said in 1941.

Enough is Enough

If you can take a little time out of your day, go get your neighbors. Put on

This Video

and ask them if they think it's time to go get these people out of jail, then fry the mother fuckers in the BLM who just murdered Robert LaVoy Finicum. Try the ones who gave the orders and their bosses, etc., etc. until we get to the end where we will find The President sitting. He is usually the puppet on the end of the string of George Soros' and the International bankers'.

BUT, it is the BLM "employees" and their bosses who just FUCKED UP!

All of you know me. I have NEVER used a swear word on this site, EVER!; and have ALWAYS discouraged others from doing it, so you know by this post, just how mad I am right now!

I say Enough is Enough!; and I've had


We don't have long people!

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credit this to " I don't know . "

The men you have elected in good faith to act as your Sheriffs and keep the peace and ensure your property and your rights? For years now, ever since the States and Counties incorporated in order to share in “Federal Revenue Sharing”— that is, kickbacks from federal corporate racketeering— the “Sheriff” has been “re-tasked” to enforce corporate policies and codes, statutes, and regulations instead.

Doesn’t that just warm your cockels, when you consider that on average these guys and their pensions and benefits are costing over $500,000 per year and they aren’t doing the job you thought you were electing them to do?

You’ve been paying in good faith for a Sheriff to protect you, and instead, getting a Code Enforcer bent on protecting the bottom line of a foreign for-profit corporation instead?

A lot of people have asked me where the hammer has to hit first and hardest. For my money, it comes down on the local counties that have incorporated and abused the public trust in this manner and upon the “Sheriffs” who have failed to enforce the Organic and Public Law while continuing to call themselves a Sheriff.

It’s high time that we all stood up and told these “counties” and these “Sheriffs” what we think of them and their private, for-profit governmental services corporations acting under conditions of semantic deceit and fraud and failing to do their duty owed to the people who have loyally paid their salaries all these years.

There are 3100 Counties in this country and they are all supposed to be Counties on the Land, not the Sea. There are 3100 County Sheriffs and only about 500 of them belong to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

Do you think it’s about time we made that number 3100 out of 3100 and got rid of the dead beats and corporate scum like “Sheriff” Ward who not only has failed to obey the actual Public Law, but whose incompetence has cost the life of an innocent American?

How about Governor Brown? Another corporate shill who took an Oath to the “Constitution” without mentioning which “Constitution” that was?

It’s time for people to restore their real government all across this great land. We have to either liquidate these “states” and “counties” as the criminal syndicates they have become, or hold additional forthright elections to fill the vacant public offices owed to the land jurisdiction counties and states on the land.

If the Federal corporation wants to pay for all these fancy offices for corporate shills to “serve” their Federal United States Citizens, well, by all means, it’s a free country. Let them. But don’t give them a penny toward their expenses for such an enterprise. After all, that’s not part of your contract with them. And feel free to kick them out of the buildings and premises that your labor paid for and bring suit against them for abusing names of States and Public Offices that belong to you for purposes of fraud.

You don’t have to worry about electing or not electing “Sheriff David Ward” –the Burns County Sheriff who refused to do his lawful job and cost LaVoy Finicum his life– just go ahead and elect your own Sheriff on the Land, Burns County, Oregon. Maybe his name will be “Sheriff Andy Coleman”. Who knows? But as long as Sheriff Andy knows his job and knows how to Deputize as many men as he needs to get the job done, “Sheriff Ward” and his ilk will be out of business soon enough and the real America we know and love can return once the Organic and Public Law is being enforced.

Once that happens, dear hearts, the Other Shoe drops—- and those fake “FBI” agents that have been terrorizing everyone, operating as commercial mercenaries under color of law on our soil? Threatening our people? Murdering our people? Trying to steal our land based on fraudulent claims made by foreign banks? They are going to be facing international war crimes tribunals and most likely, they are all going to be hung with piano wire. That’s a fact. I wouldn’t be one of those despicable men standing around joking about how they shot an unarmed and innocent American for all the tea in China.

We will ride these corporations out of town on a tide of commercial obligation liens that would make the Aga Khan blush. We will bring criminal complaints in our Common Law Courts and our Common Law Juries will learn how to investigate crimes and bring presentments once again to Sheriffs who don’t need a DA to tell them what to do. We will tear apart the Bar Associations and leave their members unable to hold any kind of court. Their shame will be set before the entire planet for all to see, right along with the banks and the politicians responsible for this mess.

We will clean house, America, and we will do a good job of it, right down to gunk in the corners. So get reading, get ready, get talking, and bring your mop and sponge. Turn off the Boob Tube. Forget their foreign elections. That’s not your government.

Bravo Joe,

You said it. I will be contacting my Sheriff in the morning. He is our TEA Party candidate. He should already be on our side, as he is a member of CSPOA and a good man. We'll see just how good.

I'm all for reclaiming the government. To be perfectly honest I think a lot of people are going to get dead in the process, and likely the current crop of Americans don't have the guts for it. 

Morton, Joseph-

So far you have expressed what you would LIKE TO SEE happen. Tell me how you think this CAN/WILL happen, because I'm not seeing a clear path from point A to point B. 

None of us are in clear definable terms able to predict the exact nature of any revolt, but here at the cc, we not only have clearly defined the problem, but have made several constructive suggestions as to how to rebut, refute and remove yourself from the machine.

In addition, we have garnered information from several Patriots who are already beginning to fight "Them". Here's one from above:

"We will ride these corporations out of town on a tide of commercial obligation liens..."

See the solution suggested right there? That's just one way to start throwing a thorn into the side of "the establishment".

I will be riding down the road in my Mortolet Mortivator with:

  1. No registration plate
  2. No Smog or Inspection stickers
  3. No driver's license
  4. VIN number covered

I will go out on to the road and DARE them to "cite" me or "enforce" their "codes" etc.

I will be fully prepared to fight; not with the cop, but with "The Man" in general. There will be a common law lien on MY PROPERTY, with notices in the window, clearly stating the penalties for messing with MY RIGHTS! We will see then, who's zoomin who, eh?

That's my way of bringing the fight to them instead of waiting for the fight to come to my front door. I will start it. The problem "They" have is that I will have studied long and hard how to fight them and I will be ready. "They" will NOT be prepared for me. "They" will only have their usual bag of tricks. "They" are predictable.

We know their tactics, inside out. They will ignore us until we make a big enough stink, then they will try to kill us. They will ignore the constitution and all forms of due process. They WILL violate their Oath, They will not follow the law or even their own rules of procedure. They will operate COMPLETELY outside the law, while they insist that you adhere to their codes and comply with their edicts.

Let us always remember though, that "they" are just people too. "They" are not a separate class or species of human. They have lives and families too. They threaten you, you threaten their welfare and job and Bond and never let them up for air. How? File criminal charges against then, such as:

Title 18 ss 241 & 242

Title 42 ss 1983

You want answers? Google it or take a closer look at the articles HERE. Use the search box to locate the info you want.

thanks Mort , some more ways of creating havock ; but the minute we pick up a gun we play right into their hands The Hague recognizes the Republic and I believe there, is already action pending there . Some one suggested puting my car in a pure trust ?

many things to do .

BTW joe, There are precisely 3144 Counties or county equivalents in the usA. There are 3007 actual counties. The other 137 are functionally the same as a county.


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