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It is clear that they owe their soul to the bankers.  Who else would have the power to control so many people.

The Judiciary, for one.

While we presume to exist under original, ordinary jurisdiction of our States and that of the federation of 1787, we unwarily allow documentation otherwise on the public records. There's no wonder then, that judges find our acts 'frivolous'. Whether or not these judges are empathetic with our intended causes, they're painted into boxes of Facts on the records which we fail to change or even contest the fraudulent inceptions they were drawn upon.

The Rights acknowledged and obligatory on government to protect, are strictly specific to Citizens of the several federated States ... by the bodies of governance existing under the 1787 Trust

In acquiescing to status as 'citizen of the United States', we alienate ourselves from our Constitutional protections as surely as if we'd removed ourselves to Bolivia, or Jakarta. Since 1871, the District of Columbia has been a foreign, independent municipal city-state and the State Legislatures had finally all shifted their legal operations under extensions of that jurisdiction by 1968.

Until we affirmatively 'break the bonds' of nexus to the 'Government of the District of Columbia', we can never assert our natural rights inherited from God, because the DC city-state avails itself of Art. IV, Sec. 3, cl. 2, dictatorial allowance under its exclusive 'Property', otherwise ... 'Jurisdictions'.

I bring up these points to highlight the fact that more preparation and precision needs to be brought to bear in carrying our struggle against these charlatans. They pretend to act as though they're proceeding under the original jurisdictions of the Constitutions ... and we make the self-negating mistake of believing that to be true.

Pat you are absolutely correct in your post that we can not play or win in the defacto arena. We MUST regain our positions as sovereigns in our Republic and it can only be done street by street neighborhood by neighborhood town by town and county by county. Keith has dedicated this site to that end.  There is no more important thing that we can do now than Republic Restoration, the dejur government as called for in the constitution of the united states.  I am and have been working for that for years with the Republic for the united States of America.  Carl this is the first time hearing your message - God bless you.  At this point there are 107 views and 5 likes - Is there anyone alive out there?

Thanks Paul. Yeah, everything they do under their unique 'internal' jurisdiction is in fact ... perfectly Constitutional ... BUT, not LAWFUL. There's the chink in their nicely hammered out suit of armor. The key is to forget about calling them on Constitutional grounds ... while still trapped within and subject to it, but rather to proceed meticulously along Common Law Tort held to Jury Verdict.

BTW ... there is no such thing as any "Republic for the united States of America". Use of made up names doesn't bind courts because they're unrecorded, imaginary things or places without factual or legal basis. However cool it sounds, it's a big no-no in writing strong legal filings.


Your last sentence sums it all up. The answer is? No,., not yet. However, it appears as though the numbers are exponentially increasing. The reality I perceive is that those who are now or beginning their phase of awakening can't be expected to understand with the same level of comprehension. The fact that a growing number are taking any time at all to educate themselves regarding our true history is a flat miracle.

Keep in mind the relativity of this time, in comparison to events surrounding this Nations' birth and you might be able to find some comfort in the fact that, as dumb as we are, we're still ahead of the curve when it comes to enlightening the masses.

Recent studies indicate a rapid shift away from the media induced indoctrination, thanks to the Web, and put the numbers getting their news via the WWW or other alternate sources higher and still growing. We're getting there but can't afford to rest until the three legs of the stool supporting this fraudulent government are irrevocably removed. 

we are here... & we are awake! I post these link on Twitter & Facebook. Thanks for the great info and discussions.

You said, Until we affirmatively 'break the bonds' of nexus to the 'Government of the District of Columbia', we can never assert our natural rights inherited from God. I agree. I have just joined this group after someone from California sent me this video. The "Beast" has all the power. Until "we the people" develop  "power"  we will never be able to break their control of us. Power is wielded in many ways. there was the "power " that Washington used to break the bonds with the British and there was the "power" used by Ghandi against the British once again to break the bonds.

I have been an activists since 911. One avenue of "power" which is of interest is economic power. Every day we willingly spend our money with those who support the beast. it is money and power that the beast feeds on.

Ron, Finance and Economy is also a prime subject of tactical defense I study. Over the years, though, I've come to the recognition that a full 'package' of actions is necessary to engage in tandem.

One of the other critical areas is restoration of one's legal jurisdiction in one's State, as a Permanent Lawful Domiciliary with reclamation of State Citizenship.

These measures, among others, have the potential to fully restore our whole panoply of original Liberties without any sort of physical confrontation whatsoever, nor abandoning our Lands, Families or Rightful Heritage.

Pat thanks for your acknowledgement of  economics as a strategy. I also believe that all strategies must be employed. Politics, I believe is a war without overt violence: A constant struggle for power and control. I live in a blue state where even the Rinos and Conservatives are blue. That's NJ. I cannot conceive of any Town or County executive or any police chief or any judge allowing us to reclaim our State Citizenship except at the point of a well aimed firearm or the economic threat of them not being able to put food on their table. IMO until American Constitutional patriots begin to play hardball or go to a war mentality whereby if you do business with the enemy you are considered a traitor and dealt with accordingly...until such time we will not be able to achieve our objectives of constitutional liberty. The "beast" does not care about what the laws are, as long as they control the power on the ground, pleading a case will not win the day.

Ron, you'd said ..."I cannot conceive of any Town or County executive or any police chief or any judge allowing us to reclaim our State Citizenship"

They have no say in the matter. File the Declaration in the County Record, Certify such Notice to the Secretaries of State of both the State and United States; formally disavow federal District Indicia ('NJ' and ZIP Codes) by similar Certified Notice to the Postmaster General; Notice irrevocable disavowal of Claim to Social Security to the Director thereof ,,, and methodical documented separation from all other direct and indirect 'benefits' derived from the DC city-state foreign jurisdictions. Your affirmative Formal Notice makes it so. Not whether they 'allow' it. You're not their Slave. You have Free Choice ... until you fail to believe so.

I served three times on the National Grand Jury and the Super Grand Jury run by Bob Campbell, the American Grand Jury. 

One of the reasons I do not believe the National Liberty Alliance with their Common Law Grand Juries stand a chance in H*** of getting anywhere.  The Attorneys General and the courts will never allow it, however, I do believe that the Boards of Review as outlined in the link above for ASOI, is the way to start.  Locally by city, county, commissioners, judges, etc.


I think our only prayer today is that the Sheriff posse in Arizona will put forth enough information in mid-March to be so great that no one will any longer be able to ignore this injustice.  Holder would have to be arrested along with Obama, Reid, and Pelosi all at the same time.  Congress would be next for refusing to do their job and protect America.

And I pray that Orly Taitz will not be allowed to screw it up this time.


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