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Thank you for getting and staying involved. with three distinct classes of Americans (Problem ignorers, Problem talkers and Problem resolvers) you qualify as a resolver.

If you remember your days with the AGJ you'll remember that THE GOAL was to get a jurisdiction.., any jurisdiction to openly discuss and investigate the apparent crimes of BHO. I'm not suggesting that Arpiao's decision to look into the Obama crimes was a direct link to the AGJ but I can tell you that his office received multiple presentments from the AGJ and its predecessor GJ's in GA, OH and IL. All any of us wanted was for a jurisdiction to look into the issue. That job was accomplished.

The truly tough pill to swallow is the realization that BHO is merely a symptom of the much bigger disease called the Federal government. To make inroads into that domain we have only one place to enter...The local Cities and Counties.

John Durash is doing what we did but slightly different. The difference is how he is attempting to secure what was our missing ingredient...Enforcement. What I'd like for you to consider is that the CLGJ, whose rebirth you were a part of, can be effective simply because the shift into a Review Board or even a CL Court is easily accomplished.

For that reason and the fact that upcoming events  will be a result of the Boards of Review and later GJ's, whether initially begun that way or not, we all will need the help of a large number of us for the struggle to succeed, I'd ask that you exhibit patience with those, like us, who are in the resolution mode. Their learning curve isn't the same as ours and you know that at some point in the near future we'll all be on the same page. What we're doing is a profound change in the way We the People deal with the leviathan. In the beginning stages it will be awkward at best. Then patterns of success will emerge and be repeated until one morning, when you wake up, you'll realize that you were an active participant in the second American revolution. Only this time we'll leave fewer doors open for the enemies of Freedom and Liberty to re-enter.

What I'm trying to say is this... Please don't separate the Patriots. Nurture and encourage them with the sure knowledge that experience will put us all on the same plane in the immediate future.

In the mean time, let's get cracking with the Boards of Review. Reality has sunk in and this new course of action will need our full attention AND as many initiates as we can possibly muster.

God bless you and God bless the newly re-established De jure government, created by We the People. We're on course to getting the 50 States to now join the lawful Union. Your State is Back. The United States of America is making a comeback by and through the hard work of its faithful  when She needed us the most.

Carl, the mental image of anyone as "a symptom of the much bigger disease called the Federal government", is what I contend to be mistake on presumption. There is technically no 'federal government' and never really has been, though it was called so for convenience between 1787 and 1871. In that period it was a Trust Administration for the Federated State Governments "In Congress Assembled". John Adams put it most revealingly explaining “I expressly say that Congress is not a representative body but a diplomatic body, a collection of ambassadors from thirteen sovereign States….”

Since 1871, it's been a foreign city-state on the (hybrid) model of Vatican City or the City of London. Viz ...

“The United States Government is a foreign (PF: municipal) corporation with respect to a state.” Volume 20: Corpus Juris Secundum, (P 1785: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S.Ct. 1973, 41 L. Ed. 287)

Common civics is ... currently ... wrong. Until we reformulate what it is we're really dealing with here, we're all going to innocently spin our wheels to no avail.

History, as always, is written by the victors, so, in order for the lessons both of us have learned to make it into the social fabric of the Nation, we'll have to attempt some sort of balance between education and action You'll have your place in history reserved by doing one or the other. It appears that your choice is more heavily weighted towards education and I find no fault in that. Keep doing what you're doing and between us, we'll make good things happen.

Carl, this is generally true.

--"History, as always, is written by the victors"--

Except the Magna Carta. The reason the rights conferred existed is because the King and Barron's were the losers. Of course that is shameful so they wrote history as if the Barron's were doing a favor fog the commener and the Freemen.

Carl:  I thank you for your presentation and efforts.  Our country is in extremely bad shape.  We are going to see even more problems as the govt. disbands the military and give all of those volunteers that fended for this country be put on the road (RIF).  They are going to be very unhappy because they were promised big pay and a retirement in 20 or plus years.  Now they are without normal entrepreneur skills. They are out of sink with the working class. They are used to a big pay check each month, free medical care and and a free education.  Their job skill are to fight a war and kill people.  Now that will look good on a resume. Now they see all of the lies they were told to talk them into joining the volunteer army to fend for their country.  They and many of us that were drafted years ago are getting a wake up call. 

In addition the government is allowing people to cross the southern border and now talk about amnesty to get votes for the community organizer wanting all of  their followers to go on the govt. payroll (and not work!)  Their border security is allowing them to cross into this country illegally then try to chase them down with an army of border patrolmen.  These illegals will be taking the jobs at reduced payroll and making our legal citizens go on welfare or live well below their desires and potential.  What a mess!! 


Thank you for the kind words. Cutting to the chase, yes, one heck of a mess. One, possibly two plus hundred years in the making. Depends on how far down one of the rabbit holes you're willing to travel.

Being sufficiently saturated with actionable facts, emphasis is now narrowly focuses on The UnionStates.org efforts on the Nat'l scene and the ongoing development of my local effort, The Patrick Henry Board of Review.

I will suggest any who haven't already, be a part of one action group or the other.., your choice but moving forward we'll all need the strength in numbers backup plan for what appears to be an imminent, planned, catastrophe, the usurper in chief has been steadily angling for since at least the beginning of reports trying to justify our involvement. Now we have a made to order emergency with tensions building in the Ukraine. The Military Industrial Complex, Inc. sends us mixed but fairly consistent messages indicating a willingness to consider intervention. 

Whether it's this or the next CIA fertilized crisis, who knows. Whatever time we have between now and when an alphabet agency successfully creating a crisis large enough to warrant a war like action which, in turn, primes the pump for the Pentagon to get their ball rolling. Once on war footing there will be no turning back and all should be thinking about their bug out packs. Keep them moments notice kind of handy.

Hello Carl:

Since you are in the computer business could you please put your recent video "Carl Swensson Speaks Out" in verbiage on this web site so we all can print it out (cut and paste) and distribute it to those on our mailing list.  Also put the video on so we can attach that  with the written statement.  You did a great job in the presentation and that needs to be distributed.

In addition the way I see it, for development of our return of government as our founding fathers designed for us, there should be some type of enforcement on down the line for  "We the People" under the rule of law as designed by our founding fathers.  We must live and be guided by our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is what many of us swore to protect with our lives.  We will need protection.  I think the county sheriffs and their deputies should be onboard to assist this very important venture in governance.  Hopefully they can bring along their local county or state or District Attorneys.  The military men, veterans, retirees, reservists and active duty personnel should be on board as this process progresses.  Then we will see select members of the State Congress joining in if they represent their district, state and country and not in office to promote themselves at the expense of "We the People".   The country needs to back up to the days of our founding fathers if this type of government is to continue to succeed. HANG IN THERE.  Lou

Hi louis,

Are you referring to the interview with Bill Windsor video? +/- 50 minutes on that one would be hours of converting time I'm not sure I can find right now but I am flattered you find it worthy of print.

Hello Carl: I record many video voices and meetings with an Olympus 4100pc recorder.  I can record voice through the digital recorder hooked up to my computer and it will record directly into my pc. That way, I can play a You Tube video and record the sound directly into my computer as a file. Then I can send that file as an attachment to an email with no problem.  I have used it for years taping political meetings (mostly city council meetings and other legal meetings and download them to a computer file.)  Works very good.  I don't have any way to save the video files with voice, but working on that now....Lou, my email is usmc.txvet@sbcglobal.net


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