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When our Constitution was written 229 years ago the primary means of transportation was a horse and buggy. Since then trains, cars and airplanes replaced the primitive means of transportation that existed in 1787. It used to take the Pony Express weeks to deliver a letter, but today a message can be sent to practically any country on earth in a matter of seconds.

Change has taken us from the Stone Age to the 21st Century since the founding of our nation. Our failure to amend our Constitution has served the best interest of the ruling class. 

The authors of the Constitution knew that it would need to be amended from time to time. Since 1787 the Constitution has only been lawfully amended 10 times in 1791 and 17 time in the last 225 years. The Constitution has been amended thousands of times unlawfully during the same period of time.

When Congress passes an unconstitutional legislation or whenever the President issues an Executive Order or whenever the Supreme Court misinterprets the Constitution, it is amended illegally,

Many of the changes that have been made are justified, but because the wrong method of amending the Constitution was employed, none of the changes are in fact lawful.

We obvious need an Air Force, but no provision for one can be found in the Constitution. Congress should propose an amendment to add the Air Force to the Constitution and three fourth of the states would be required to ratify it.

Congress should abandon all agencies not authorized in Article I Section 2 Clause 8 of the Constitution. Every agency or bureau that should be allowed to continue needs to be voted upon on by the states The people can not fall under the jurisdiction of federal agencies unless those agencies are voted upon by the people.

I have compiled a list of suggesting on how we can achieve those objectives and invite you to share some of your ideas.

I believe that all legislation should be introduced in the House of Representatives. All bills passied in the House would then be sent on to the Senate for further consideration.

The role of the Senate would be to determine if the proposed legislation was Constitutional and if funding the legislation could be accomplished without the necessity of going into debt or raising taxes.

If both the House and the Senate would be responsible for determining the Constutitutionality of ...all legislation, the Supreme Court would no longer be involved in interpreting the Constitution.

If the 17th Amendment were repealed the senators appointed by the state legislatures would be able to decide on what is and what is not Constitutional.

The original 1st amendment would have required one representative for every 30,000 people in a particular state.

Today there are Congressional Districts with over 800,000 residents.

I think we should give the District of Columbia back to the states of Maryland and Virginia and that we should have Congress convene quarterly in different cities for sessions that would last for 3 weeks....

I believe that we should we should have one member of the House for every 50,000 residents. They would attend the quarterly sessions of Congress and spend the rest of their time in their home Districts.

I also propose that the members of the House of Representatives serve two year terns without monetary compensation.

I believe that anyone in a Congressional District that would like to serve would be required to take a test on their Constitutional knowledge. The top ten candidates in a District would then have their names deposited in a hat and the Representative would be chosen by the luck of the draw.

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Point by point! First let's identify which Constitution? Second I challenge your claim to Amendments! There is no lawful evidence that there has been legislative activity connected to the Constitution since sine die 1860. There were Bill of Rights 1 thru 10 the 11, 12, 13 and it is TONA.

You would let some Senators change the concept of what is or is not Constitutional. Chain them down good, because look what under color of law the BAR since 1860 has gotten you. You have some strange ideas for a sovereign. 

Personally, I think we should start from scratch. The Constitution has more holes that a ton of swiss cheese. Thomas Jefferson told us in the Declaration that when the government begins to abuse the rights of the people it is our right and our duty to alter or abolish.

Ok Pay Attention. Change or abolish the government. Not the best 4 documents every made by humans. Are you PINO. Or a new world order UN person? For sure you do not understand patriotism. Every hole in the Constitution is filled nicely by one of the several states and the sovereigns of the several states. Is any of that getting thru to you. Tell me are you a troll for the fed? 

Yes a Model T and it is past your level of knowledge. We need no one to decipher what the hell the 5 laws of Oregon are. I'll name them D of I; AoC; NEO; Constitution of the United States of America circa 1860; Oregon Constitution circa 1859 original.

That's plenty common law available and statutory law is unlawful as it is post sine die.

You are assuming that the government system is operating by the law of the constitution.

One of the first things that got eliminated was the peoples ability to bring charge against the servants for violating thier oaths, because the BAR Lawyers made law so convoluted that people had to hire them just to get into the court. The Lawyers controlled the action.

The remedy to getting the public officials to follow their oath is the common law trial by jury, where real people and not the government hired hands, makes a decision on weather a public official is acting in good faith to his oath and render him or her to not being able to ever hold public office. That was the purpose of the bond also.

We lost our country through some very basic steps. Bankers ability to print money at will and hire BAR Lawyers to manage the government system.

I appreciate everyone's passion, but before we have any further discussion on Changes or Amendments, we need to discuss IF we are adhering to THE original US Constitution. Someone on another site accused me of wishing to go back 200 years. At the time, I didn't know what I know now.

But yes, we MAY need to go back 200 years and present the case that we need to save the original US Constitution first. Next, we need to toss out ALL the usurpations to it, before we attempt to make any adjustments. The original Constitution might end right after the Tenth Amendment. Cancel ALL Executive orders. Nullify codes, statutes, and regulations. Nullify ALL regulation penned by agencies and departments. I think we could correct nearly most of our troubles if we start respecting and honoring the Constitution, as written and intended. Lastly, we might find a very few specifics that may require addressing for these modern times, but not many.

Finally, we should seriously evaluate exactly WHY the Titles Of Nobility Act was feared and authored by patriots, then destroyed by the international "Criminal Justice System" that we now know as the BAR. If we began by removing lawyers from government and courts, we'd be in good shape for about another 200 years without many Amendments.

When an elected Representative of the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial violates or attempts to usurp the Constitution, we remove them. One strike and they are out! Same goes for the states and local governments. No waiting for elections required. Recall Vote Special Emergency Election. Done! They either are 100% competent or they get booted.


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