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Shane Harger was harassed and put on leave for promising to uphold the Constitution. So if you think you still have a representative Republic in this country, Check This Out! 

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This shouldn't shock us after this letter. It was posted on the Domestic Terrorism thread.

DOJ Whistleblowers admit they have abolished Due Process without an act of congress.

This is the letter I wrote to Moossy and Callahan.

Somebody needs to send this to Senator Rand Paul... My reps do not care about elder murder, abuse and exploitation. Trust me I have been to their door more times than I can remember. They claim "separation of powers" doctrine and can't  get involved in the other two branches of what they call government.

This should go viral to who gives a shit.........

PS WHOOPS I was supposed to use the word deprived vs abolished...Really is there a difference?

Dan, good one.

However, this is not the beginning. That happened on Dec. 23rd, 1913 when We The People allowed our representatives to bring the Central Banks back without so much as a whimper.

It's actually shocking when you realize that it was less than twenty years later they were outlawing the possession of gold. You want Gestapo tactics? You're gonna have to look a little further back for that.

This brings up something I have always wanted answered. What is their true title under the capacity they operate? We know it is evil, wicked, baal, heathen, wretched, satanic, greedy, luciferian, etc etc etc but what exactly is their true title?.

I've heard all the words we all use at times like Shadow government, Illuminati, Cabal, Cartel, Mafia, gestapo, etc etc etc etc etc but is there a TRUE (one size fits all) OFFICAL title for them? (I sometimes use FWM = flying winged monkeys from OZ)

These things eat our lives, steal our families, torture and abuse us, steal our property, etc etc etc. and sometimes stress us into acting like we wouldn't normally act because we are so traumatized. Humans don't act this way. They remind me of a mosquito, wasp, or bee that won't go away just buzzing around us all the time. You know at some point they are going to get you.  

I hope I haven't opened a can of worms here. Just curious if someone has found the TRUE OFFICIAL caption to call them. I would like to be uniformed in what I write.

    Ungodly Socialist Assholes or USA

And actually the first true communists made their mark in Paraguay in the early 1600's;  they were called Jesuits!

Why is Georgetown the real seat of government in the USA ?

where is it ?


I use Black's 4th edition. It has what other editions don't. I always liked this title and in the past have used it in some of my writings for redress. 


Individuals who show a lifelong and constitutional tendency not to conform to the customs of the group, and who habitually misbehave, and have no sense of responsibility to their fellowmen or to society as a whole. These individuals fail to learn by experience and are inadequate, incompatible, and inefficient. State ex rel. Pearson v.Probate Court of Ramsey County, 205 Minn. 545, 287 N.W. 297, 300; Wilson v. Walters, Cal.App., 112 P.2d 964.

I think it was intended to be a description of a "non" bar member. BUT in this day and age it describes the legal criminals versus the non legal criminals. 


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