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Natural Law...Every man of every nation tribe tongue and throughout all time from the highest mountain to the remotest Island have Natural Law written upon their heart.  Don't violate another's Life Liberty or Property.  Your Natural Rights are derived from Natural Law.  You have right to your Life Liberty and Property and I have no right to your Life Liberty or Property.

 These rights are also known as inalienable.  The root of which is Lien.  The Lien cannot be separated from you.  No one can take away these Natural Rights although they may violate them your right remains.  No one can waive these Natural Rights although they may fail to exercise them.  If I steal your car I have no right to drive it but I'm driving it anyway.

You have every right to drive your car but you can't if I took it.  If you were a non-violent pacifist and I keep punching you in the eye.  And you say I'm a pacifist and won't strike back.  And at some point you get tired of me punching you and you punch me out on my arse.  Can I say; Whoa! You can't punch back; You waived your right of defense.  Your right remains intact even when that right is violated or you fail to exercise it.  Animals understand Natural Law.  A bird will defend her nest.  A fox will defend his liberty and try escape.  A bear will defend his property of a fish lunch. 

Toddlers know Natural Law.  If one takes away another's toy he knows something is not right about that.  He recognizes an injustice done to himself immediately.  He often will not recognize the injustice he does to others by justifying his actions.  We are equals.  I have no authority over you and you have none over me.  Except.... When I enter into the sphere of your Self Government jurisdiction and violate your Life Liberty or Property.  I enter under your authority and covering. 

If you catch me in your house at 2:am eating your peanut butter you have every right under Natural Law to defend your rights.  Which may be  to scare me off beat me up or take my Life.  Reasonable force for the sake of the Jury.  Justify yourself by what police are taught to declare; I feared for my Life.  Civil Governments are established among men to assist in defense of these Natural Rights.  When a Civil Government makes a Civil Law that violates a Natural Law it is void and ought not be obeyed. 

For if the Civil Law violates Natural Law it is violating someone's Natural Rights.  An ensample is in the first eighty years of our United States Civil Governments made Civil Laws granted a Civil Right to men like me to own men like yourself.  But that Law violates Natural Law doesn't it?  Particularly your Natural Rights to Life Liberty and Property.  Under Natural Law you have every right to walk off that plantation.  Then if I say; Whoa Stop! You aren't going anywhere.  You have every right to reasonable force to throw off the tyranny.  Even killing the oppressor.  When considering any Civil Law ask whether  it violates anyone's Natural Rights? 

Consider if you have such powers over another; And whether you can delegate powers that you do not possess to your Representatives?  I consider that the most Conservative and the most Liberal do want limitations on the governments.  They just disagree where that line ought be drawn.  They will agree that government can defend Life Liberty and Property.  So it is only logical that this is the line of government limitation.  Their hearts will agree with this knowledge but their minds do not.  They want to be free but fear what their neighbor may do with his freedom.

  So they grant all sorts of demi-god like powers to their idol of government that no man possess.  So when any agent of government applies force to a man who has not violated Life Liberty or Property or violated contract that agent is personally accountable to a Holy GOD for his criminal act against the Citizenry whether as Legislator Governor Judge Police or Soldier.  He did the action and is solely accountable.  He will not be able to hide behind the fictional imaginary civil government saying; I was just following orders.  Live free & Rejoice.

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That is excellent writing!

As you know, everything comes back to the word contract! However, our land mass has  been and is being trampled of its truth by contract lies. To correct this is a monster of information requirement. The best execution of this sensitive problem solving can be found at AnnaVonReitz.Com.

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Are you possibly trained as a Federal Lawyer, but not acting in that capacity when running for President?

Rod Class recently-2017-got a Supreme Court ruling that all political offices in the Government are "Vacant!" which means we are being presently duped by a Corporate Government that mimicked our Constitution primarily for money purposes rather than God's moral purposes! This, of course, is not a genuine lawful contract!


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